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Mercenaries of Silence: OSCE observers in Donbass paid 10,000 euros per month

Why the western population is unaware from the raging war in Donbass? Why the war still continues? Fact is, that the OSCE observers in Donbass keep silence from thousands of daily Ukrainian truce violations in Donetsk People's Republic. What causes this silence among these people, who should be neutral conflict observers, and who should produce reports about the real situation from the only war in Europe today?

The DONi Press French journalist, Christelle Neant, saw news few days ago, that Germany is providing warm leather gloves and GPS-trackers to observers of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission, "as a gift from the good work", and she decided to check if these observers really deserve these new hand outs.

While the number of shellings carried by the Ukrainian army on the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) has reached more than 2,000 shelling per day between 27 and 28 November, and almost 1,900 between yesterday and today, the OSCE is continuing to announce on its Facebook page, day after day, that the number of bombardments is decreasing or increasing, without being affected at all by the stratospheric levels that the latter have reached, while a ceasefire is allegedly in force", Neant writes on her report on 29 November.

"Despite the deplorable quality of their work, Germany, which currently chairs the OSCE, has just offered them pairs of leather gloves and GPS, which can be seen as a reward for badly done work. Yes, you have read right, while these observers are paid a fortune, Germany has just offered them 1195 pairs of gloves and 30 GPS", Christelle Neant writes.


Of course they know the truth, as we all. The OSCE observers who are stationed at the DPR territory see and hear the same what we all here in Donetsk People's Republic. And that means endless daily bombings and fire fights, which are continuing at the very moment in the outskirts of Donetsk capital.

All weapon systems are used almost daily by the Ukrainian troops, those heavy caliber guns, which should be pulled from the front line over 1,5 years ago by the Minsk agreements signed between Ukraine and Donbass people's republics. Casualty numbers are increasing daily, and huge destruction of infrastructure is taking place here by western backed Ukrainian armed forces. But the OSCE observers keep their silence.

By research done by Christelle Neant, based on information collected from the trusted Norwegian source, total monthly salary of every single OSCE officer is almost 10,000 euros, for a month of 30 days! You can see the detailed calculation about OSCE observers salaries from the DONi Press report.

And by the way, we are not talking about OSCE observers getting money to pay their living and working costs in the war torn region. It came clear, that also the hotel accommodation, and obviously with full services, is paid by the OSCE for observers. So this mentioned 10,000 euros per month is just their basic income!


Generally what is happening here is that the OSCE is making its staff very wealthy. Huge amounts of money are earned in the Donbass region, which is badly suffering from the civil war, where millions of poor civilians are still living under daily bombings, and the economy of the region is badly beaten by the economic sanctions, and other kind of western supported hostilities.

So, why the OSCE reports and its staff are quiet from the cruel reality in Donbass? Now, after knowing how much you also could earn here in the war zone, you should ask yourself, are you really sure that these wealthy international OSCE observers even want their money-making observing mission to end?

If the OSCE observers tell the truth, exposing Ukrainian provocations and actions in their reports and by sharing their knowledge in media, telling what is happening here in Donbass, we can expect that people in the world would soon react, and strongly. The silenced truth would force Kiev regime, and its western allies, to stop the war. And yes, we can expect, that OSCE money machine would be also closed soon for huge number of OSCE officers.

What I see here, for the OSCE observers, the western "propaganda of silence" from war situation in Donbass suits just perfectly, the war keeps going, and their worthless well paid jobs continue. This is why I prefer to call the OSCE observers what they really are: "The International OSCE Mercenaries of Silence".

Editorial article, Janus Putkonen, director

DONi News Agency

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Update 2.12. - Orginal Norwegian official source has deleted information about OSCE salaries from its web page after DONi News article was published. Below is the screenshot from the orginal source:


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