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Lugansk standoff continue: Report on the situation 2nd day

The second day of the crisis in the Lugansk People’s Republic started and continued in a relatively calm atmosphere on Wednesday, November 22. The standoff between the Head of the Republic and the ex-Minister of the Interior will have been lasting two days and nights already.

As reported earlier, the first evening and night were calm in the LPR capital, Lugansk. [link] The forces supporting the conflicting sides [link] have preserved heavy presence in the city streets, but no signs of confrontation have been witnessed. 

Today, on November 22 morning, the Head of the LPR Igor Plotnitsky published a video statement in which he confirmed that Igor Kornet had been dismissed from the position of the Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic.

Some news resources have started spreading stovepiping saying that the previous statement by Plotnitsky had been written not by the Head of the Republic, but his Administration due to his leave for the Russian Federation. Despite all the rumours, on Wednesday it became clear that the situation was still under control of the government, and the Head of State was at place, giving instructions on further settlement.

November 22 began with expecting official statements from both parties to the conflict, as well as those from abroad, like Russia and the Donetsk People’s Republic. Only lots of rumours have been spread recently, for instance, those concerning the involvement in the developments of the third parties, namely, the Kremlin authorities and the DPR Head, Alexander Zakharchenko. 

The known fact is that neither of these accusations, claims, libelling have any official grounds. We are still waiting for further statements by the dismissed LPR Interior Minister Igor Kornet, official commentaries on the part of the Donetsk People’s Republic, as well as from the Russian Federation. 

Armed Forces will have been present in the Lugansk capital for the second night. The people of the Donbass, as well as local media, are expecting the results of the political settlement of the Lugansk government crisis in the coming days. Even though the situation is still volatile, there is no reason to boost anxiety in the society. The point of utmost importance is to stop the spread of the rumours that may hamper the peaceful settlement of the standoff. 

LPR Head: Kornet’s dismissal is out of question

On November 22 morning, the Head of the Lugansk People’s Republic, Igor Plotnitsky, held a working meeting with the acting heads of the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic, the newly appointed Vladimir Cherkov and Sergey Ivanushkin, during which he instructed the heads of departments to "restore order." The video of the talks was published on the official website of the Head of the LPR.

On the video, Plotnitsky speaks about the events that took place in the capital of the Republic on November 21. 
The Head of the LPR confirmed that Igor Kornet had been dismissed from the position of the Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic. Along with that, Plotnitsky instructed Cherkov to handle the situation of "attempted coup d'état." Furthermore, the Head of the LPR promised to hold an additional meeting on the situation on November 23 or November 24.

Employees of General Prosecutor's Office evacuated in Lugansk

The difficult situation around the Prosecutor’s Office of the Lugansk People’s Republic was brought to relief when employees of the LPR General Prosecutor's Office, who had spent more than a day in the surrounded building of the department, were led out on Wednesday morning. The building of the General Prosecutor's Office is under the control of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the LPR. This was reported also by the News Front.

According to a source in the Interior Ministry of the Lugansk People's Republic, on Wednesday morning "an agreement was reached on the withdrawal of people from the building of the department."

The source reported that "after lengthy negotiations, the leadership of the Prosecutor General's Office agreed to let employees go home. The Chairman of the LPR Ministers’ Council, Sergei Ivanushkin, personally arrived to get familiarized with the situation and talk with employees of the Prosecutor's Office."

See the video from the evacuation:

The DONi News Agency keeps following the development of the situation in Lugansk. So far, there has been no unrest or violence reported. The conflict seems to be in the process of peaceful settlement, thus causing local residents no concern.

DONi News Agency, editorial article, Janus Putkonen, director

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