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Leaked: Britain's official chart for geopolitical brainwashing in the West

In the new leaked document UK officials presented in a bid to persuade allies to expel Russian diplomats this week there is shown the long pattern of the western brainwashing. Using the wide distortion of realities and bypassing well known facts, with re-writing history based only on anti-Russian blames and lies, the official document shows the implemented war propaganda chart for the West against Russia. 

As RT News reported, titled ‘Salisbury Incident,’ the six slide PowerPoint document was sent out to 80 top level foreign embassy officials in Moscow, according to Kommersant business daily, the news agency to which the document was leaked. The diplomatic effort was a bid to sway opinion and prepare the ground for the expulsions of over 100 Russian diplomats by more than 20 countries, which have been announced over the past three days.

Slide number 4 is titled as "A long pattern of Russian Malign Activity". Chart suppose to show continuous "Russian aggression" abroad since November 2006 up to this day, including 12 events and issues, where the UK blames Russia from aggressions.

When looking the brainwashing chart over, there is even no sense to take to account accusations and allegations for the so-called Russian cyber attacks or hacks, because  there has never been any reasonable material published and presented that could convince anyone to arrive at the conclusion that "yep, Russians did it." But let's check a few other examples of the UK accusations against Russia.

Agenda based on blames and accusations, without facts or realities

According to the UK officials, "Russian aggressions" started by assassination of Alexander Litvinenko in 2016 in Britain. But as we know, even though the British mainstream media does not believe a moment to the UK accusations against Russia and president Vladimir Putin in this case. As The Guardian reports in the article "Six reasons you can't take the Litvinenko report seriously" (2016): "Inquiry points the finger at Vladimir Putin and the Russian state, but its findings are biased, flawed and inconsistent."

Yes, the war in Georgia in 2008 was an attempt to invade territories, but it was not Russian invasion as the British are trying to convince today, because the attack was performed by Georgian armed forces with NATO-support against Russian peacekeepers and local population, in the territories of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. The EU strategic study also came to a conclusion in the report, after careful investigation into the events, that Georgia had started the war. BBC News reported in 2009: "The war in Georgia last year was started by a Georgian attack that was not justified by international law, an EU-sponsored report has concluded." 

The UK still blames Russia for the "occupation of Crimea" and "destabilisation of Ukraine" in February 2014. So, this old geopolitical record is still playing, even though we all know already that it was the western supported and armed extremists who made the coup against the legally elected government of Ukraine in 2014, ousting president Yanukovich and then fueling the civil war by lifting to power violent nazis - anti-Russian militia forces. In reality, there is still no evidence of Russian military intervention to any of the events, Crimea was reunificated with Russia by a democratic process, and the snipers who executed the bloodbath in the Maidan in February 2014, giving a pretext for a coup, were western backed Georgian snipers.

And what about the shooting down of the Flight MH17 over Donbass in July 2014? UK officials claim today that it was Russians who did it, but in reality, up to this day there is no facts, any evidence presented, that Russia or the Donbass republics really had something to do with causing the tragedy. In fact, we know the name of the pilot, who was most propably at least one of the Ukrainian air force pilots, who were behind triggering their weapons against the Malesian airliner that day. Unfortunately, the main suspect Vladislav Voloshin "was silenced" just a few weeks ago in March 2018.

Brainwashing chart by the European "deep state"

So, should we really need to continue this listing of official UK blames and accusations against Russia, or come to the obvious conclusion?

Commenting on the presentation on her Facebook page, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova called its use “a large-scale attempt to manipulate global public opinion” and a “fiasco for Theresa May.” “On the basis of these six pictures a decision has been made to assign a country responsibility for a chemical attack,” Zakharova wrote.

By these kind of materials, the Western mainstream media is following deeply distorted and absolutely falsified news setting agenda, which is planned and orchestrated by the European "deep state", because no matter what the facts and realities are, the West and its corrupt politicians, devoted media propagandists, keep repeating these official lies without any consciense.

The most frightening issue in this widening anti-Russian mass psychosis is that from time to time it really starts to look like these propagandists really believe this hostile war propaganda they are obligated to repeat.

As Finnish politician Yrjö Kallinen once said, "only few of us wants war, but many of us are supporting things what lead to war" - and exactly that is the goal of the official UK chart brainwashing the masses today, to achieve your support to wage a war against Russia.

Janus Putkonen, Director of the DONi News

DONi News Agency


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