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Lavrov didn't say: 'Russia involved in war in Donbass' as western media claim

Western anti-Russian media are publishing pure fake news based on Russian Foreign Minister statement, claiming that Sergey Lavrov "finally admitted that Russia is involved in the war in Donbass - militarily". In the reality, these news have no ground, because their claims are based on intrerpretation of a translation mistake, and besides of that, his words are taken out from the context.  

Here is the mistakenly translated Sergey Lavrov's statement:

"I don't know whether the political community thinks that we are playing in the wrong league. I have read and heard much criticism regarding our decision to join the fight in Donbass and in Syria. But you should probably look at each given nation comprehensively."

Here is the correct translation:

"I don’t know whether the political community thinks that we are playing in the wrong league. I have read and heard much criticism that we should not have got involved into the conflicts in Donbass and in Syria.  But you should probably look at each given nation comprehensively." 

The scandal around Lavrov's speech was caused just by a matter of mistranslation. As we can see it now, the official web-site of the Russian Foreign Minister has replaced that shaky phrase with a more appropriate translation totally corresponding to the Minister's speech.

Mr Lavrov said the word “conflict” which in no way presupposes “joining the fight” or any other assistance of military nature. 

Yes, Russia accepts the idea of having joined the Donbass CONFLICT in the political and humanitarian field, but those accusations, which have arisen due to this translator's failure are just groundless, as NO adequate evidence of the Russian military involvement in the Donbass war has EVER been presented by the western opponents, any international organizations, like UN or OSCE.

Comment: Russia and its factual involvement in the Donbass conflict

As the Foreign Minister of Russian Federation, top diplomat of the country, Lavrov can proudly and honestly admit Russia's important role in huge diplomatic efforts taken to reach peaceful settlement in the conflict, started by Ukraine and supported by its western partners. Russia's support for the Russian population in Donbass has been crucial to avert humanitarian catastrophe and keep the Donetsk and Lugansk regions on their independent feet. 

Russia, led by its top diplomat Sergey Lavrov, has been an active member of the Normandy Group together with France and Germany, which are trying to find political solutions to the war in Donbass. Together with its partners, Russia has also been active behind the signing of two Minsk Agreements between Ukraine and Donbass people's republics, which should present to the world community the agreed roadmap toward peace in the Donbass region.

As for the most important Russian humanitarian involvement, we should remember all those 66 humanitarian truck convoys, which still provide urgently needed goods to the war torn Donbass.

After Ukraine placed Donbass under hard economic blockade in the end of January 2017, Russia has been more active than before to provide factual economic and trade support to the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics. The most remarkable achievement can be observed in the creation of the Donbass-Russia Integration Committee, which handles at the highest level several civilian issues, like economic, political and cultural cooperation.

Besides the facts, on the other hand we should ask how could Lavrov admit something that even we, here in the Donetsk capital, don't know about, meaning Russian military involvement? And after all, as we know it, Lavrov is neither the Defense Minister nor the President of Russia, who are responsible for the military affairs. Lavrov certainly speaks about his own diplomatic duties.

So, let's clear up this issue one more time: When Sergey Lavrov says Russia is involved in the conflict in Donbass, he only refers to all these mentioned and widely known facts, and these spheres of diplomatic and humanitarian works obviously have nothing to do with armed operations or claimed Russian military involvement.

DONi News Agency, editorial article

According to: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Russia


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