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Kiev fears responsibility for war crimes in Donbass

The Ukrainian authorities should not use the word "occupation" with regard to Donbass if they are really seeking for a settlement of the conflict, director of the Party of Power (Partiya Vlasti) consulting company, Yelena Dyachenko, expressed such an opinion at a press conference in Kiev.

"The war party constantly comes up with some issues to drive up military rhetoric and aggravate the situation," the expert commented on the initiative of NSDC Secretary Alexander Turchinov on the need to abolish the 'ATO' and pass to a new format of war.

"It's one thing to pass a law on the occupation of the Crimea, and the other is  to try the same over Donbass issue. The main criterion for occupation or non-occupation is international recognition. Authorities of the occupying state must be established in the occupied territories. There are none in Donbass. Thus, if we recognize these territories as those occupied by the DPR and LPR, then we will lose these territories forever. There are definitely neither Russian flags nor Russian authorities," Dyachenko said, calling attempts to treat Russia an occupier of Donbass "legal delusions."

In addition, she drew attention to the fact that the "Popular Front" was attempting bringing into affect the abrogation of responsibility from Ukraine for violating all the conventions on humanitarian law, including those for the lives of civilians, at that trying to shift responsibility to Russia.

"Why should this responsibility be abrogated? To avoid a military tribunal for war crimes. Here lies the logic of the war party. Only for this purpose these documents can be developed. And if this is part of the international plan to remove tension, then the word "occupation" shouldn't be resorted to," the expert stressed.

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