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French analyst in Donetsk: "In Donbass Ukraine is dead"

French Stratpol analyst and author of a new book "Ukraine - Why has France made a mistake?", Xavier Moreau, was visiting Donetsk People's Republic. After several days of staying here and collecting first hand experiences around DPR, famous political analyst shared his views with DONi News Agency. His finding is clear: "In Donbass Ukraine is dead". Xavier Moreau was a member of French delegation from organization "Vostok France - solidarity for Donbass". The group was travelling around Donetsk for a few days and even very close to front-line near airport. While visiting places organization delivered relief and aid packages from French donations. They met children in orphanage and hospitals, families in houses close to front-line where people are living in caves because of heating problems caused by Ukrainian terror shelling. Xavier expressed his deep affection along with group about seeing from eye to eye victims, true results of conflict in Donbass. "I have asked, talked to as many people as possible about the situation in Donetsk, soldiers, taxi-drivers, people in streets - and they all say the same, there is no way back to Ukraine. In Donbass Ukraine is dead", Xavier summons the results of his fact finding mission. "Everywhere there is common demand concerning criminal investigations from war crimes, done by Ukrainian forces", he continued. Xavier mentions one Ukrainian name, that has risen above all when responsibility questions have been discussed with people in Donetsk: Andrei Parubiy, commander of the so called self-defence troops of Maidan at the time of the armed coup. Xavier is well aware of terrible war crimes done by Ukrainian forces in Donbass conflict. He is surprised how calmly local people are handling all these difficult issues and conflict situation around them. "People are very moderate, city is beautiful, clean and everything works very well - and what I see, even better than many countries in Europe." Xavier has met in Donetsk dispassionate population with great dignity. "In politics everything is possible", Xavier says. He compares conflict in Donbass with events in former Jugoslavia, where the only option to survive from responsibilities after the same kind of ethnic cleansing and war crimes done by Ukrainian forces, has been total military victory. "When Ukrainian shelling of civilian population started in the beginning of the conflict, great hate was showed by Western Ukrainians toward Russian population in East, after that there is no way back," he argued. In Xavier's mind Kiev has only two possibilities. The first one is to destroy Donbass with its population totally, and another one is to start finally following Minsk agreement and make a totally new Federation of Ukraine, with independent republics in Donbass. DONI News Agency / Janus Putkonen, Chief-Editor


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