Facing the Threats: Russia Expands Ground Forces (Video)

The West is obviously preparing for war against Russia. Moscow answers to growing threats by expanding its ground forces. News reports from the last weeks have identified several units undergoing reactivation procedures. The South Front has produced a video analysis: 'Russia Expands Ground Forces'. 

"The war in Syria and the simmering conflict on the Donbass have tended to obscure significant changes within the Russian Ground Forces, namely the raising of new motorized rifle and tank divisions on the basis of permanent readiness brigades, the reactivation of regiments within existing reduced-strength divisions, and the creation of numerous artillery and air defense brigades and other non-divisional units apparently for inclusion in the combined arms and tank armies for which the new divisions are being intended", South Front reports.

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"The fact these are costly, long-term investments in Russia’s security along its Western borders suggests that, in spite of the political changes in the West illustrated by the election of Donald J. Trump, Brexit, the Italian referendum, the Russian leadership does not necessarily view them as indicators of an irreversible and permanent change in Western policies away from regime change, “color revolutions”, and confrontation with Russia", South Front writes.

"The ongoing modernization and expansion of Ground Forces, by far the most important component of Russia’s conventional forces, indicates that the Kremlin is aware the crisis is not yet past. Indeed, it may not have even reached its peak yet," South Front concludes.

According to: South Front
Video: South Front, 15.12.2016

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