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Ex-CIA official in Donetsk: 'US business is to export death and destruction here' - DONi Video (Part 1)

The new and interesting international volunteer in Donbass is a former CIA official from Seattle, United States. David "Dave" Simpson gave two exclusive interviews to DONi News Agency on Saturday. He told us about the reasons why he had overcome to the side of the Donetsk People's Republic, and what he saw behind and around the war in Donbass. The first video interview was recorded in the DONi News office, the second one near the Donetsk Airport.

"The more I saw US tax dollars spent to bomb people, to kill people here, and not just here, in Afghanistan, Iraq - all over the globe, it's becoming the American business model to export death and destruction, rather than anything what is productive and helps people. And the more damages I saw to people here, the more I knew, I had to come and try to help," said Simpson.

The former CIA official, who has recently moved to Donbass permanently, is in full readiness to give his helping hand with all his professional and governmental experience for the new Republic and the DPR officials.

Part 2: Ex-CIA official in Donetsk Airport: 'Destruction is like in major World War' - DONi Video

Interview by: Janus Putkonen, DONi News Agency, Chief-Editor
23.1.2016, Donetsk City


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