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EU vows support for "success of Ukraine" - no demands to cease fire in Donbass

The European Union has strengthened its support for the war torn Ukraine on Thursday, allocating over 300 millions of euros for Kiev regime, and inching closer to enabling Ukrainians to travel to the EU without a visa. The message from yesterday's EU summit was clear, the EU has no intention to take a neutral stance in the ongoing war between Ukraine and Donbass People's Republics. 

Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko and European Council President Donald Tusk attended a joint news conference following an EU-Ukraine summit in Brussels, Belgium, November 24.

"You have many friends here, and I can promise you that you will not be left behind, We also have our limitations, but we will continue in our efforts to fulfil your justified expectations. Ukraine's success will be the success of all of Europe!" said Donald Tusk.

Poroshenko told at a press conference at the bilateral summit in Brussels that a potential visa liberalization deal appeared likely, but was being held up by a technicality.

"We are very close to a compromise," Poroshenko said. But so far Europe has some other points to be settled, to say nothing of the possible flow of migrants from the "free" and "democratic" Ukraine. This very idea may turn out to be one of those setting the EU position against granting begging Poroshenko a visa free regime, since Germany and France simply wouldn't stand another several million suffering souls, this time from the EU close neighbour. Their hesitation is evident, as both Germany and France face elections next year in which increasing anti-immigration feeling will be a burning issue.

At that the European Commission signed a deal at the summit to allocate 15 million euros for anti-corruption measures in Ukraine as part of an overall support package worth more than 300 million euros, the commission said in a statement. But so far the European money failed to prevent the outburst of corruption in Ukraine as endemic corruption has undermined progress. Two high-profile reformist politicians resigned early this month in frustration.

Tusk said that Europe must do everything in its power to ensure that Ukraine’s independence, sovereignty and stability are preserved. He said the EU continues to support the Minsk process, which aims at finding a solution to the conflict in the regions of Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics. The outcome of such pompous statements in dew time may result in further violations of human rights in Donbass on Europe's dime. Fighting corruption? No. Feeding new armies? YES.  

At Thursday's summit, Brussels and Kiev signed a "strategic energy partnership" agreement, a message to Russia, which has strived for years to bypass Ukraine in selling more of its gas to Europe, including by the Nord Stream pipeline. Let's see how Europe acts when true winter sets in amid another wave of protests in "democratic" Ukraine. 

It should be highlighted, that the very same day, when the EU was praising strategic partnership with the Kiev regime, Ukrainian troops broke the so called Minsk ceasefire altogether 1161 times. Not a single demand on ceasing Kiev's aggressions was heard at the summit. 

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Editorial article, Janus Putkonen

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