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EU-racism: Refusal of human rights from 3,5 million Donbass people in Europe

The European Union advocates value of "liberal democracy" and condemns racism. The EU demands safety, equality, freedom of the trade and movement across the Europe, and for everyone... But what about 3,5 million Donbass citizens in the former Ukraine, who are living their lives in the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics? 

Suddenly, none of mentioned "westen values" doesn't matter, and whole ethnic Russian population in Donbass has been hunted by the West: EU, USA and NATO.

Do you know, that here in the DPR, all basic human rights have been refused by the West from about 2 million citizens, and in the LPR situation is the same. Just for example, if you have a business, a factory in Donbass, you don't have any rights to export products to European markets. Yes, great difficulties are also in Russian customs, but maybe with huge efforts, some sales can be opened there.

Not a single western financial institution will give you even basic way to transfer money, I mean, not in your private or in business needs. You are blocked, and Russian liberal banking system wont help you either, and basically your life is depended from one thing - flow of cash. When you live in Donbass, you are placed under full scale western economic blockade. It does not matter who you are, or what you have done in the past, because western backed Ukraine blames that everyone here are "separatists", even "terrorists".

You dont get a permission to enter EU-territory if you have DPR or LPR passport. Only border which let you enter for 90 days is Russia. That is only freedom of movement in your life, because you are blamed as "enemy of the West". Our students can not get education in universities abroad, people are not allowed even to visit their relatives, and basic tourist traveling is forbidden for Donbass people. You think this is fair?

The EU does not care a bit when your home is shelled, you are wounded, or your life is ruined somehow by Ukrainian military actions. Not a single word of condemnation has been heard from the EU-leadership, which just keeps promoting the "success of Ukraine", and especially after the Minsk-2 agreement was signed in February 2015 between Ukraine and Donbass people's republics.

Secret war in Europe - in Donbass life has no EU-value

Just past month Kiev troops have violated, and every possible way you can even think of, the Minsk truce agreements almost 30 000 times. It means, that here is no truce, but a raging war in the middle of Europe, and EU refuses to discuss about it. Globalist even dont want to hear about it, so the western mainstream media is silenced, and the most secret war of our times, is taking place here in Donbass.

Those wealthy guys from OSCE Monitoring Mission are not reporting from realities of war, and they keep hiding bombing of civilian populated areas, where casualty numbers are rising daily. But that suits just fine for the EU-leadership, which doesn't want to recognize cruel life conditions of 3,5 million people in Europe. 

If you are a normal citizen of Donbass, trying to live your life like millions here are, its just a fact, that your life has no value in the eyes of European Union. What this causes is that international laws which should protect us all, are not here to give protection for anyone. EU is doing nothing to help hundreds of thousands of poor people here, who are direct victims of the war in Donbass. Only country which sends urgently needed humanitarian help to Donbass is Russia, thanks to God, and good hearts of leaders in Kremlin.

Ukraine with its western allies, especially those US "training operatives" with their troops in Donbass front line, is absolutely free to conduct all kind of military operations, like Grad-rocket strikes to villages, use of heavy artillery, tanks and mortars, together with all possible weapons, vehicles and troops. Did you hear, just today, Ukrainian sniper killed a civilian in the city of Gorlovka. Oh, you didn't?

In this blatant show of human right violations in the middle of Europe happening today, Ukrainian war criminals have never been accused from their actions by the West. No, just the opposite, even the most racist-fascist elements in so called "Ukrainian National Guard", its nationalist battalions, like Azov and Aidar, are free to gather most extremists forces from the fascist Ukrainian parties, and Right Sector movement.

These known Nazi's in the Donbass are supported, funded, trained and armed to their teeth by the West - US, EU, and their allies - to destroy, if needed, all the people of Donbass, and execute hostile occupation.

Why all this hate from EU-leaders - the war in Donbass?  

Because people of Donbass knew, and they saw very well what really happened in Kiev 2014, first in so called Euro-Maidan in November 2013, and soon after in the Maidan-coup in February 2014.

When the western leadership and its media was promoting new "EU association agreement", and rise of the western liberalism in Ukraine, the Russian population in Ukraine was scared for their future as 2nd class citizens, under the new fascist rule. All Russians here in Donetsk, like in Crimea, who are over 90 % from the population in these regions, they know that anti-Russian racism and propaganda was the leading force in western backed coup.

They saw how extremist members - "ultra's" - was heavily armed as "police force" immediately after the coup. It was no secret that time, that they were formed as new military force to the East-Ukraine, and send in motorized anti-Russian nationalist battalions. The fact is, that people of Donbass had no other chance left than to prepare their defenses, and do it fast - and they did.

The western evil plan, executed by USA and EU, was drawn first in US think tanks by western strategists, but fortunately, it didn't work as it was planned, and "the sea of concentration camps", as it was written by the RAND Corporation, never came true in Donbass. As we know it, even the most terrible war crimes here haven't succeed to provoke Russia to intervene militarily to the events in Ukraine. The West has failed.

The Kiev junta, led by its first president, Alexander Turchinov, gave decisive and illegal orders of using all military actions against Donbass people in April 2014, causing huge humanitarian catastrophe, and after bitter fighting, great Ukrainian military defeat against defending population, its Donbass people's militia. These facts are still not acknowledged by the West, which is not  willing to accept the reality as a result from their own destructive actions behind the Kiev regime. 

The western defeat is the core reason why they hate everyone of us here so much. They are so afraid of us, our example. EU-globalists are punishing everyone here, because the most patriotic individuals in Donbass, took a brave stance, and stood up against threatening "western liberal democracy". The EU-punishment for Donbass is called "collective punishment against population", and yes, such kind of policy is illegal by the international law. But what do they care, these laws are mostly written by them.

Yes, we are here and still defending successfully against globalist forces, which are occupying rest of the old Ukrainian territory with fascist western hegemony. The EU really cant blame from its humiliating geopolitical defeat the resisting population of Donbass, so globalists behind the Kiev regime accuse from all its losses - Russia. 

It really does not matter for the West, that there has never been any evidence shown about direct Russian military-political interference in Donbass war. So, they just keep claiming and accusing Russia basically from everything they've done, and that's it. One important fact is, what the western media is never willing to tell you, that Russia is not even mentioned in the Minsk agreements. You should be wise enough to see the truth.

Why all western racist and indifferent behavior against the Donbass people?

Because Donbass people:

1. Spoke the truth, and understood the national threats
2. Resist against unconstitutional armed coup in Kiev
3. Hold referendum, and voted for regional self-determination
4. Defended successfully against Ukrainian armed military operations
5. Elected their own leaders and parliament
6. Formed the new Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics
7. Keep protecting their language, culture and ethnic heritage
8. Do not let anyone to rob and destroy their native land and their homes.

All of these actions are outcome from patriotism, favoring world multipolarism, which has lead to situation that all ethnic Russian patriots in Europe, not only in Donbass, are accepted targets for the EU-racism.

"Racism and racial discrimination are often used to describe discrimination on an ethnic or cultural basis, independent of whether these differences are described as racial. According to a United Nations convention, there is no distinction between the terms "racial" and "ethnic" discrimination. The UN convention further concludes that superiority based on racial differentiation is scientifically false, morally condemnable, socially unjust and dangerous, and there is no justification for racial discrimination, anywhere, in theory or in practice." - Wikipedia.

Editorial article, Janus Putkonen, director

DONi News Agency


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