DPR reconnaissance detects Ukrainian soldiers with American weapons near Gorlovka

The DPR reconnaissance detected large-caliber American sniper rifles and mortars in the Ukrainian gunmen’s arsenal, despite the American’s claim that no lethal weapons’ delivery to Ukraine took place, reports the DPR Operational Command’s Vice-Commander, Eduard Basurin.

“The arrival of sniper groups from the 130th separate reconnaissance battalion, armed with American riffles, was detected in the Mayorsk locality’s area. According to the information received, Ukraine purchased sniper rifles Barrett M82 of 12, 7 caliber in the USA,” said the Vice-commander.

He added that Kiev had also bought the consignment of hand grenade launchers from the ‘AirTronic’ company. In that connection the Vice-commander expressed his bewilderment, taking into account regular refutations on the part of Washington concerning the lethal weapons’ delivery to Ukraine.

“Officially, the USA claims only the war aid in non-lethal weapons’ delivery. But in fact, Ukraine has been buying weapons from private companies for the money, granted by the US for a very long time, which does not differ from direct deliveries,” underlined Basurin .

DONi News Agency 


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