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DPR Head compares SBU data to cheap American action film scenario

Head of the Donetsk People's Republic Alexander Zakharchenko commented on the statements of the SBU about allegedly planned terrorist attacks and coup in Kiev. Zakharchenko said that he had met with Vladimir Ruban, whom the Ukrainian special services consider to be the organizer of the planned terrorist attacks, exclusively on the issues of war prisoners’ exchange.

"Vladimir Ruban and I had talks on prisoners' exchange issues only. Quite a long time ago. As for the scenario of the coup, which has been presented by the Security Service, it resembles a cheap American action film scenario for the third world countries.

If there is some truth, I'm glad that there are people in Ukraine who are ready to destroy this rotten corrupt regime.

As for our involvement, I have repeatedly said that resistance groups from all over Ukraine are in contact with us. But these are groups that are fighting against the Banderites for the viable future of the Ukrainian people. And these groups continue to operate," Zakharchenko said in an exclusive interview with the WarGonzo project.

According to Zakharchenko, if there really are people in Ukraine who plan to overthrow the present government, they evoke only "positive emotions."

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