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DPR Commander: OSCE Police Mission in Donbass could lead to WWIII

Introduction of the OSCE Police Mission to Donbass may lead to the beginning of the Third World War.

It was stated by Eduard Basurin, the Vice-Commander of the DPR Defence Ministry operative command.

"We have a military conflict. Any fire in their direction, any wound of their representative will mean aggression in relation to the state the citizen of which is the casualty (and OSCE Representatives are citizens of the countries of Europe and NATO). Naturally, we shell be accused of everything. Here goes the beginning of war," considers Basurin.

Basurin also urges not to trust the statements of the Kiev representatives.

"Yes, representatives of Ukraine state that the purposes of the Mission’s introduction to Donbass are absolutely different – ceasefire, elections and so on. But what are these statements worth? All of us remember how Poroshenko, when being a candidate for presidency, stated that he was standing for peace. What did we receive as a result? Thousands killed," he points out.

Eduard Basurin also repeated the opinion dominating in the DPR that introduction of any armed mission to Donbass cancels the Minsk Agreements.

"Such an initiative of Kiev is a direct violation of Minsk 2. Donbass is categorically against it. We will regard introduction of the armed OSCE Mission as an act of military aggression," he summarized.

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