Donetsk states Kiev's preparation for spring Donbass blitzkrieg

Recently, our intelligence has detected an active build-up of enemy forces and assets along the entire line of contact of the parties.

Contrary to the Minsk agreements, the Ukrainian military command converges heavy armament to the front line, withdrawing it from temporary storage sites, which is noted daily in the reports of the OSCE Mission.

Local residents of settlements in the Ukraine-controlled territory daily inform us about the columns of combat and transport equipment carrying personnel and material means, including fuel products and large-calibre ammunition, to the contact line.

There is also noted the enemy's increasing air reconnaissance of our positions' location, the deployment of troops and vital infrastructure of the Republic's settlements.

In addition, it is known that operation orders for preparing for an offensive have already been sent to forces and military units stationed in the ATO zone, and additional funds have been credited to the accounts of the 57th separate mechanized infantry and 30th separate mechanized brigades for material incentives for servicemen.

These facts of the build-up of forces and assets of the enemy groupings indicate that the Ukrainian side, in spite of the Minsk agreements, is actively preparing for offensive actions along the entire contact line. The attempt to assassinate the Minister of Defense of the Republic, General V. Kononov, only confirms the enhancement of subversive activities of the AFU special operations forces.

Our conclusions are confirmed, among others, by the decree of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the planning of active offensive actions, published in the Ukrainian media. Military experts and analysts confirmed the authenticity of this document, and the combat personnel listed in it fully coincide with our intelligence data.

The enemy's plan envisages the use of the forces deployed on the line of combat contact and military units of the ATO forces' grouping, supported by artillery and aviation, to inflict maximum damage to the DPR and LPR People's Militia, to cross the security zone and break through the first defensive line within the territory of companies' strongholds and defense areas of the first echelon's battalions of the DPR and LPR People's Militia units, and to seize advantageous lines. By heavy artillery fire and firepower of tank and mechanized infantry units, air assault and artillery units at the positions of the DPR People's Militia, the enemy will try to create conditions for the introduction of the main forces of the AFU's offensive grouping.

Let me remind you that Lieutenant-General M. Zabrodsky, the commander of the air assault troops, is the head of the ATO. The AFU command is planning to defeat the armed forces of the People's Republics and gain a foothold along the line of Sorokino, Dovzhansk, Marinovka, and Novoazovsk. Further on, the plan calls to reach the state border of the People's Republics with the Russian Federation.

In order to achieve the operation's objectives and strengthen the offensive grouping, the enemy envisaged the creation of operational reserves of the combined grouping of forces: the 28th separate mechanized brigade in the main strike direction and the 128th separate mountain infantry brigade in the other strike direction.

In the direction of its main forces' concentration, the enemy, by two covering strikes in the direction of Verkhnetoretskoye, Ilovaisk (the 17th separate tank brigade, the 93rd separate mechanized brigade) and in the direction of Maximovka, Starobeshevo, Ilovaisk (the 1st separate tank brigade, the 14th separate mechanized brigade, and partially by forces of the 30th separate mechanized brigade (of a tank battalion)), will try to overcome the line of combat contact and break through the first defensive line of the DPR Armed Forces, and, having concentrated efforts by the introduction of second echelons and reserves, to cut the units of the 1st Army Corps, surround and seize the city of Donetsk.

Further on, continuing the offensive, the enemy plans to seize the line of Lutugino, Ilovaisk, Komsomolskoye, Pobeda.

The enemy intends to deliver another strike in the direction of Sakhanka, Bezymennoye (the 36th separate marine brigade, the 79th separate air mobile brigade). This will allow the enemy to bind our forces in the Mariupol direction and prevent them from moving to Donetsk. Further on, enhancing efforts by the introduction of second echelons, it plans to reach the line of Boikovskoye, Novoazovsk, thereby depriving us of access to the Azov Sea.

The enemy plans to invade the LPR territory in the direction of Krymskoye, Lutugino (the 72nd, 92nd separate mechanized brigades). Subsequently, increasing efforts, it plans to seize the line of Sorokino, Dovzhansk, and, by the actions of the raid detachments of units of the airborne assault troops (the 80th separate air assault brigade and the 81st separate air mobile brigade) in the direction of Stanichno-Lunganskoye, Dovzhansk, to defeat the LPR Armed Forces and reach the state border of the LPR and the Russian Federation.

I personally address the commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian troops, General Viktor Muzhenko. Your statements of October 5, 2017 about possible numerous casualties among Ukrainian servicemen and civilians in the event of a decision to conduct an offensive against Donbass, have once been able to cool down the hotheads. In order to prevent the escalation of the conflict, it is necessary to again stop this planned adventure of the political leadership.

Ukrainian strategists chose the time of the offensive not accidentally, and it comes connected, first of all, as we suppose, with the fact that the main attention of the world community in this period will be directed to the election of the President of the Russian Federation and the World Cup holding in Russia.

Regarding the armed aggression planned by the Ukrainian command, we turn to the world community to urge Ukraine in the person of Poroshenko, Poltorak, Muzhenko and Zabrodsky, to recall the commitments undertaken by Ukraine to prevent the resumption of the conflict in Donbass in accordance with the Minsk agreements.

I assure the inhabitants of Donbass that we carefully and thoroughly analyze all the intelligence information we receive and are aware of every step planned by the enemy, countermeasures to which are already provided.

I note that the blitzkrieg planned by the AFU will not bring the Ukrainian side the expected result, and, in the case of armed aggression against the People's Republics, the enemy will be irreparably damaged.

The servicemen of the 128th separate mountain infantry brigade have already refused to participate in this adventure and were immediately withdrawn from the ATO zone. The brigade having been mopped up by the SBU, brigade commander Sobko was temporarily suspended from office. Today, the General Staff of the AFU is taking urgent measures to restore combat capability and reorganize units that refused to eliminate their own people.

I also want to turn to the sensible population of Ukraine not to send their husbands and sons to the bloodbath.

We will also send an official appeal to the OSCE, the US leadership, representatives of the Normandy Quartet, in which it will be stated that at the time when negotiations to implement the Minsk agreements are under way, the Ukrainian side is planning an attack involving the destruction of thousands of residents of Ukraine and the Donetsk People's Republic, who do not want to live in one state with neo-Nazi authorities. The Kiev aggressors have to be stopped from fulfilling their plans!

Vice-Commander of the DPR People’s Militia, Colonel Eduard Basurin, official translation by DONi News Agency


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