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Donetsk Defense: Weekly Situation Report, 03/30/2018

Last week, in the Armed Forces of the Donetsk People's Republic, scheduled training sessions were held, the knowledge and practical skills of servicemen were improved, the process of uniting battalions, units and separate companies was continued. For the first time, assembly events began with the involvement of snipers from all units of the DPR Army, where sniper pairs will improve their skills in the conditions of modern combat.

Over the past 24 hours, Ukrainian occupation forces shelled four settlements in the Donetsk direction, having launched 18 mortar shells of 120-mm caliber, 30 shells from the infantry fighting vehicle, and also fired from grenade launchers and small arms.

In the Gorlovka direction, the enemy fired seven artillery shells with the caliber of 122-mm, IFV, grenade launchers and small arms targeted the area of the settlement of Krutaya Balka.

Overall, in 24 hours, Ukrainian bandit formations launched 106 ammunition on the territory of the Republic and violated the ceasefire six times.

As a result of shelling on March 29, in Dokuchayevsk, there were damaged two houses on the street of Lenina and Vatutina.

I want to note that the Ukrainian side violated the Easter truce, which, unfortunately, only lasted 9.5 hours on AFU part. At 9.35 am, Kominternovo locality was again bombarded, at which the enemy fired four 120-mm ordnances, and also attacked with infantry fighting vehicles and small arms, and at 10.05 the attack was made on Leninskoye, which the enemy hit with grenade launchers.

In total, over the past week, the enemy violated the ceasefire 43 times and fired 237 artillery and tank shells on the territory of the Republic, as well as 120 and 82-mm mortar rounds, not including the armored vehicles, grenade launchers and small arms.

Ten settlements of the Republic were subjected to AFU shelling.

As a result of shelling by the Ukrainian occupiers, a female civilian, 67, died; seven houses in the localities of Sakhanka, Zaitsevo, Gorlovka, Kominternovo, Shirokaya Balka and Dokuchayevsk were destroyed and damaged.

The AFU command continues to concentrate heavy weapons near the line of combat contact:

122 mm self-propelled howitzers Gvozdika - 23 units;

MRLS BM-21 Grad - 7 units;

self-propelled howitzer Akatsia - 11 units;

100 mm anti-tank gun Rapira - 20 units;

the air defense missile system Osa - 2 units;

T-64 and T-72 tanks - 55 units;

IFV, APC, BRDM - 46 units.

Our reconnaissance has established the arrival and work of a commission from the operation of the occupation forces headquarters (OOF) at the 30th brigade of the AFU.

The reason for the unscheduled inspection was another failed operation, the order for the execution of which was given personally by the commander of the so-called 'ATO' M. Zabrodsky.

In this case we are talking about a sortie of a subversive group from among the 30 separate mechanised brigade to the mine field on the night of 29 March, when the occupants lost two people killed and three wounded.

In the process of the commission's work, there lack of one militant from the 30th brigade was recorded. During the inspection it was established that this soldier did not return from the special task - that is, he was abandoned on the battlefield.

In order to conceal this fact, the press center of the so-called 'ATO' headquarters spread a message about the loss of one of its fighters and conducting of additional proceedings.

The inspection has the purpose of finding dirt against the commander of the 'ATO' Zabrodsky. In particular, it became known that earlier Zabrodsky, on his own initiative, had set the task for the brigade commanders in the Donetsk and Mariupol directions to prepare and conduct measures to seize the positions of the DPR Army a few days before the announcement of the Easter truce. In particular, to attack our positions, seize new frontiers and hold them until the ceasefire starts, and with the coming of the armistice to stay in the occupied territories.

Not everyone supported this reckless attempt of Zabrodsky. For example, the commander of AFU's 36 separate brigade of marine infantry, Delyatitsky, in order to save the lives of his personnel, ordered the subordinates together with the journalists of the "2x2" TV channel to prepare a fake video report simulating an aggravation of the situation. In fact, the commander of the 36 brigade did not comply with the order of the commander of the 'ATO' forces, realizing that Zabrodsky will soon be removed. And he acted in his own way, having filmed the fake video material, which not only saved the lives of subordinates, but also reassured his leaving commander.

As always thoughtlessly, Zabrodsky's order was attempted by the commander of the 30 brigade Garaz. For which he paid. In particular, he lost the personnel that he sent to die on mine fields.

It is already known that the commander of "ATO" Zabrodsky will do everything to once again after his resonant failure to come off unscratched. And the one to blame will be the 30 brigade's commander, who allegedly initiated the independent action.

Recall 54 brigade's commander Maistrenko, who, by order of a higher command, including Zabrodsky, brought part of the personnel in the Gladosovsky pocket and lost more than 30 killed there. Now the Commandis trying to get rid of the brigade's commander, allegedly, for being inhumane to his subordinates. In reality, the reason for the pursuit of Maistrenko was making him a whipping boy in the failed operation. The same fate will befall the commander of the 30 brigade Garaz.

It is important to note that the Ukrainian serviceman who died on a minefield was abandoned on the battlefield by his comrades, and only this night, with the beginning of the Easter truce, we managed to evacuate him. Now his body is in the morgue.

As we see, complete anarchy, which is created in the occupation forces, is obvious. First, the behind-the-scenes games between the two commanders of the forces of 'ATO' and 'OOF'. Secondly, constant setup traps of the subordinates. Thirdly, the devil-may-care attitude of the Ukrainian military to their colleagues, who abandon the dead on the battlefield and do not even attempt to evacuate them, using them only as a bait for shelling our servicemen.

Our reconnaissance continues to record a decline in the moral and psychological condition of the AFU troops throughout the contact line.

Moreover, the scale of the decline reaches such a level that the commander of the operation of the occupation forces, war criminal Nayev, set the task for the former commander of the so-called 'ATO' Zabrodsky to hold an expanded meeting in Kramatorsk with the participation of the chief sergeants of units and formations in the conflict zone on the issues of strengthening military discipline, maintaining the moral and psychological state in military units.

In the 93rd brigade of the AFU, daily meetings are held on the issues of preventing the consumption of alcohol and narcotic substances by the personnel, as well as preventing cases of unauthorized absence and suicide.

The command of units and formations in the zone of the occupation forces operation gets rid of unreliable fighters in all possible ways, up to the physical and moral pressure on alcoholics and drug addicts to force them to write leaving reports of one's own free will. They are forces to resort to such tricks due to the framework set by the leadership of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine in matters of dismissal of personnel.

So, according to the statement of the AFU General Staff generals, such diseases as drug addiction and alcoholism are not grounds for the firing of a soldier from the Ukrainian army. A large shortage in units and a lack of volunteers makes the Ukrainian command to put up with the presence of drug addicts and alcoholics in the AFU.

So it turns out that semi-drunk or gowed-up marginals shoot at civilian settlements, at cemeteries, kindergartens and traffic stops. The puppet authorities of Ukraine consciously give weapons to their inadequate warriors so that they can shoot women, old people and children of our Republic without shame.

Evidence that there is a large lack of personnel in the Ukrainian security forces is the adoption of measures by the military and political leadership of Ukraine to urgently replenish it.

So, in April-May more than 15 thousand recruits in the age of 20 to 27 years are subject to conscription for military service in the AFU.

Sociological research conducted by military commissariat and enlistment offices shows that this year there are 35% less of those wishing to go to the Armed Forces than in 2017, while in 2017 there were 27% less people than in 2016. Basically, conscripts seek to other, by their standards, departments that they can get into though the old-boy network - the border service, the State Transport Service, where officials' children and even representatives of the AFU command get into more often. In spite of the measures taken to increase the attractiveness of the criminal Ukrainian army, in reality, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are losing their clients every year.

The remaining ones have to go through the hard way of the army's urgent service, beautiful in the picture on TV, but hungry and plundered in reality. At the same time, on the way out, get a psychological illness or stay physically crippled, if not die at all.

With such actions the General Staff of Ukraine has not achieved anything yet, except for officers fleeing the army.

It has reached the point that at the present time in the AFU land forces the measures are being taken to recruit platoon commanders by calling officers from the "reserve", and also sergeants who have higher education and who have passed military training courses, with the award of the officer rank "junior lieutenant", as well as sergeants without higher education, but who have combat experience.

In the meantime, the covering of the front edge in particularly weak places is carried out by attracting gangs of nationalists. In particular, according to our reconnaissance, the so-called 'reserve hundred' of "OUN-Vostok" up to 100 militants-strong under the command of the Nazi Shevchuk arrived in the area of Kamenka from Nezhin of the Chernigov region. In addition, gangs of the "Right Sector" and "Ukrainian Volunteer Army" already are in this area.

Our intelligence has established that at present the Ukrainian security service has tasked (in the form of instructions) police units performing tasks in the zone of the occupation forces operation to collect information on what is happening in our Republic.

At the same time, special attention should be given to obtaining data on the command structure, dislocation and the nature of the activities of our power structures' units.

We appeal to the DPR residents visiting the territory of Ukraine, do not give in to provocations! Your reckless and rash words can be used by the enemy primarily against you and your loved ones, as an object for further blackmailing.

Subsequently, the information you transmit may affect the safety of your home!

Be careful! The enemy, losing to us on the battlefield, is trying to undermine our security and defense capability by vile subversive terrorist actions deep in the rear! But together we can also resist such a low and inhumane war.

Vice-Commander of the DPR People’s Militia, Colonel Eduard Basurin, official translation by DONi News Agency


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