Donetsk Defense: Weekly Situation Report, 03/23/2018

The Armed Forces of the Donetsk People's Republic conducted routine combat training sessions last week to improve the knowledge and practical skills of military personnel, continued the process of training teamwork of battalions, units and separate companies, and held field sessions for the reserve personnel. In all units of the Armed Forces of the Republic there is maintained high readiness for a possible exacerbation of the situation.

Despite the operating ceasefire, the Ukrainian militants continued to violate the ceasefire, endangering the lives and health of citizens of our Republic.

Over the past day, the Ukrainian militants committed four ceasefire violations, at that, 15 mortars shells of 120-mm calibre were fired at the area of ​​ Zaitsevo village in the Gorlovka direction.

In the Mariupol direction, against the area of ​​ Sakhanka village the enemy also engaged 120-mm mortars, firing eight mortar shells; fire was also launched with various types of grenade launchers and small arms.

In total over the past week, the enemy committed 12 violations of the ceasefire regime and fired at the Republic’s territory 76 mortar shells of 120-mm and 82-mm calibres.

The areas of seven settlements of the Republic were subjected to the fire engaged by the AFU.

As a result of shelling by the Ukrainian occupants, eight houses were destroyed and damaged in the village of Sakhanka.

The Ukrainian bandits shelled residential quarters of Sakhanka village with a 120-mm mortar for two days. The fire was conducted round the clock and adjusted by means of the Fly Eye unmanned aircraft.

Our servicemen managed to bring it down. After that, the bombardment ceased immediately.

The downed apparatus is presented at our briefing today.

The AFU command continues to concentrate heavy weapons near the line of combat contact. In particular, our intelligence recorded the following:

152-mm artillery:

self-propelled howitzer Akatsia – 8;
towed howitzer Msta-B – 3;
towed howitzer Giatsint-B – 7;

122-mm artillery:

MLRS Grad – 10;
self-propelled howitzer Gvozdika – 19;
towed howitzer D-30 – 6;
120-mm mortar Sani – 1;
100-mm anti-tank gun Rapira – 6;
anti-aircraft missile system Strela-10 – 4;
air defense missile system Osa – 2;
IFV, APC, BRDM – 25.

Our intelligence obtained access to some of the strategic plans in the information fight. In these plans, the main task set before the AFU information and propaganda units is to destabilize the information environment in the conflict zone until July 2018.

As one of the ways to achieve this there is considered the Internet distribution of messages with panic sentiments from non-existent residents of our Republic calling on to urgently leave the Republic and move to Ukraine.

Further on, the residents who succumb to this provocation, will be detained in the territory under Ukraine’s control and presented either as captured servicemen of the DPR Armed Forces or those engaged in espionage for the benefit of our Republic.

These tasks are assigned to the information-psychological operations group of the special operations forces and the SBU units located in the conflict zone.

We do not exclude that all these measures, in addition to the main ones, are intended to raise the rapidly falling morale of the Ukrainian militants.

The main reason, of course, is the complete absence of any prospect of changes in material security and life, regular delays in payment of monetary allowances, as well as the understanding of the unfair nature of the civil war unleashed in Donbass by Kiev.

These sentiments make the armed bandits of the "AFU" desert from positions, drink, and commit suicides.

Thus, according to the information we received from the "military units" located in the conflict zone, 6 cases of suicide have occurred only since the beginning of March (2 – in the 54th separate mechanized brigade, 2 – in the 25th separate airborne brigade, 1 – in the 30th separate mechanized brigade, 1 – in the 36th separate marine brigade). At the same time, according to the official information of the so-called "ATO" headquarters, there was registered only 1 suicide in the 54th separate mechanized brigade.

The command of the Ukrainian bandit units continues to conceal in every possible way the problems that occur in the subordinate units. The new commander of militants in Donbass – war criminal Nayev, set the task to mercilessly dismiss and fire the chiefs who failed to prevent suicides and desertion among their subordinates.

The commander of the 54th separate mechanized brigade – war criminal Maistrenko – comes first in this line.

In his brigade there has developed the most deplorable situation, namely, low manpower rate – only 55%. The brigade suffered heavy losses due to the sniper infantry and "friendly" artillery fire of the brigade artillery group of the 128th separate mountain-infantry brigade in the Gladosovo pocket and the shameful flight of the so-called "Georgian Legion." Now, contract servicemen fleeing from inadequate commanders have joined this tendency. They often give up their positions without waiting for a decision on their resignation reports.

One cannot ignore the junior officers of the so-called "Ukrainian army" who perform the duties of acting commanders of platoons and companies on the frontline.

Currently, these overage captains and senior lieutenants, bearing signs of mental disorders due to drug addiction and alcoholism, do not differ much from their subordinates.

In such a situation, all attempts undertaken by the command to restore order in their bandit formations will be futile.

According to the data obtained from the main mobilization department of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, at present, 90% of the junior officers of the so-called "AFU" (from lieutenants to captains) are over the age of 32, and more than half of those are over the age of 40.

These figures do not indicate that the commanding is performed by experienced adult commanders. More than 80% of all junior officers, commanders of their "AFU" gangs, were called up for military service from the reserve from mid-2015.

That is, precisely at the time when the misfortunate officers, driven into the army by mobilization, realized that they had nothing to see in civilian life and started chasing easy money in this zone where civilians are killed.

At the same time, the military and political leadership of Ukraine declares its readiness to achieve the standards of at least NATO by 2020.

Another example of a Minsk agreements’ violation by the Ukrainian side occurred two days ago. The Ukrainian militants, taking advantage of the weakened attention of a serviceman, kidnapped and took him to the territory of Ukraine.

According to our information, Lance Corporal Tolkuschy R.V., being unmarried, got acquainted on the Internet with a certain Irina, 33, allegedly also living in Yenakiyevo.

The last time that Tolkuschy was seen, he, having previously phoned, went to this Irina. His relatives saw him next time already on the video recorded by the Ukrainian militants.

In such a way Tolkuschy R.V. became a victim of another provocation and was taken to the territory of Ukraine the same night, most likely in a state of unconsciousness.

Judging by the videotape, the special services of Ukraine applied physical measures to the serviceman, which resulted in alleged confessions to the camera with false statements against himself and his colleagues.

Vice-Commander of the DPR People’s Militia, Colonel Eduard Basurin, official translation by DONi News Agency


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