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"Donbass is alive" - DPR Culture Minister in meeting with DONi News

Donetsk People's Republic's Minister of Culture, Zheltyakov Mikhail Vasilievich, was in a meeting with DONi News Agency Director Janus Putkonen for discussion of mostly international efforts and possibilities in the DPR this year. Zheltyakov told that the year 2016 would be more active in cultural sphere than the previous one, and we can say that "Donbass is alive".

The main goal for the Ministry of Culture is to gather as much as possible local population to participate in culture works. In the new republic it's time to open issues concerning "self realization". A way to do this is to concentrate on the folk culture and traditional culture heritage in Donbass, what Mikhail Vasilievich calls "a true coffer of treasures". It is a large amount of different ethnic minorities what makes Donbass special, he said.

"This summer we will have a large folk festival, which will take place in many cities and villages of the DPR", Zheltyakov pointed out from the event calendar. When speaking about international culture programs, those are small and individual events, like concerts and exhibitions.

DONi News Agency has got many contacts from western artists by various ways in recent times, usually directly from the people who had a will to participate with their artist works in cultural events in the Donetsk People's Republic. Messages from artists were passed forward and a few projects are now opened with welcome. It should be noted, that artists and artist groups around the world, are warmly invited to the DPR and all kinds of programs can be arranged with coordination between international media and local officials.

Artists and producers, who are willing to participate in cultural charity projects in frame of "Save Donbass People" - can contact DONi directly by sending mail: [email protected]

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