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Deadly Ukrainian Strike at Civilian Car With Anti Tank Missile in LPR - Video Report

Ukrainian forces do not stop terrorizing the civilian population of Lugansk People's Republic. On 25 January, at 13:30, AFU forces opened targeted point fire at a civilian vehicle, which was moving along Dolgoye locality. Shot was made from guided anti-tank missile . One civilian was killed and three wounded.

"Children ride along this road every day, I go to work every day, people bring their kids to the kindergartens and schools. Why do they shoot us down? Who can I ask this question? Why do they kill civilians? We have never done anything bad to anyone," said Anna, Dolgoye citizen.

- Where do they fire from?

"From behind the river, you see where it comes from. Lopaskino is on that side. You think it’s the first case? It’s not. Same happened on Saturday or Sunday, but the car managed to slip through," she said.

"Where can we go? Our parents are here, we grew up here. Where we can we go?" Anna said tears in her eyes."For example, we don’t have any relatives. Our entire family is here. Our nerves are not steel. How long can it last? We spend all the time in the basements. It’s endless..." she continued. 

"There is nothing and nobody here except for ordinary people. There are few of us, old people and couple of young families.  And we’re shelled from that direction. We are not shooting at ourselves..." Anna concluded.

"Ukrainian punishers continue terrorizing civilians of the Lugansk People’s Republic second day in a row.  Today at 13.32 war criminals opened point fire at a civilian vehicle Niva, moving along Dolgoye locality. The shot is made from the anti-tank guided missile from the direction of Lopaskino locality," said Andrey Marochko, spokesman of the LPR People's Militia. 

"As a result of this crimson crime, one person was killed and three wounded. This once again proves that Ukrainian soldiers are capable of fighting only with civilians. I would like to remind that a civilian was also wounded yesterday in Kirovsk locality", Marochko said in the place of murder.

- As a soldier, can you tell whether this shot could be fired by mistake?

"No way. This shot cannot be a mistaken one. For your understanding, this is a guided missile. The fire was applied directly at the civilian car, they could not but see that. It was point fire. The fact of murder is evident," Marochko concluded.

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Video: LPR Ministry of Defense


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