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Alexander Zakharchenko: "We, Russians, will chase away any enemy from our land with a pigpen broom" [Video, pics]

The DPR Head participated in a rally near Bogdan Khmelnitsky's monument in Simferopol.

On Wednesday, January 18, the Head of the Donetsk People's Republic Alexander Zakharchenko attended the solemn rally and laying flowers to the monument of Bogdan Khmelnitsky in Simferopol. The rally took place within celebrations to mark the anniversary of the Pereyaslav Council.

Addressing the audience, Alexander Zakharchenko noted great symbolic importance of the event that took place 363 years ago for our fraternal peoples

"Good afternoon, brothers! Today we celebrate the holy date for us. 363 years ago, our ancestors gathered and said: "No! Enough! Stop kicking our history, our faith, stop mocking our mothers and wives, stop making us forget that we are Russians! 363 years ago our ancestors did it. They consolidated. Power is in unity only. I am very pleased to be on the land on which the process of Rus' consolidation began in 2014. You were the first, like our ancestors once, who said: "Enough! Stop torturing our people." And we have honourably picked up what you have begun doing. I am sure that we, Russians, will chase away any enemy from our land with a pigpen broom! Congratulations, brothers!" Alexander Zakharchenko said.

Also representatives of the Republic of Crimea, Lugansk People's Republic, representatives of the Russian Federation Government, NGO activists and others spoke during the rally.

Then, responding to a journalists' question about how to preserve history for future generations, to the memory of friendship, unity, which keeps the Pereyaslav Council, would not disappeared, Alexander Zakharchenko said confidently: "Only by own example!"

"If you yourself believe in what you're doing, young people can see it and understand it. It is extremely important not to distort history but to tell it children the way it is. If there was the Pereyaslav Council, we cannot forget about it. We have thousands of people, countrymen to follow, both in history and alive. They should be guides for young people," Alexander Zakharchenko said.

The Head of the Donetsk People's Republic also said that today – the day of 363 anniversary of the Pereyaslav Council, is very symbolic.

"This is the land where the Conversion of Russia, the process of unification of the Slavs and the Russian world started. During Bogdan Khmelnitsky's lifetime people started celebrating the anniversary of this event. We continue this tradition today. It is a momentous one! I am sure that there will be another large consolidation! Perhaps even in Lvov, it is also our land. Just a hundred years ago, residents of Lvov did not say that they are Ukrainians, they considered themselves to be Russians," he noted.

The media also asked the Head about his attitude to sanctions against the Russian Federation and the Crimea. "This is impotent rage of the European Union and the United States. They need to kick us, right? But these sanctions have no legal basis," the DPR Head said.

When asked by Crimeans "When will you join us under the wing of Russia?" Donbass leader expressed optimism: "Of course, it's a complicated question, but I hope this will not happen without your support; everything will happen very soon. We will be together!" Alexander Zakharchenko said.

Source: Official web-site of the DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko 

Official translation by DONi News Agency


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