Alexander Zakharchenko: "I am convinced: the war will end with our victory!"

On December 28, the Head of the DPR, Alexander Zakharchenko, delivered an annual message to the highest legislative body of the Republic.

The third appeal of the Head of State to the legislators was traditionally held in the hall of plenary sessions of the People's Council in the presence of the deputy corps, ministers and invited guests.

Addressing the People's Council, Alexander Zakharchenko noted not only positive aspects of the work of the Parliament, but also criticized the lawmaking activity in 2017.

"If in the two half-years of the outgoing year, the People's Council in the two readings adopted 55 basic laws, then, in comparison, in 2015, 80 laws were adopted.

My opinion: there are two reasons for this, a positive and a negative. Let's start with the positive one. If in 2015 we passed laws that were vital for our state, and without them it could not develop, then, as a result, there were more laws adopted.

Since 2015, we have all been studying and, I must say, have become more professional. Therefore, in 2017, the People's Council as a whole, and you, as deputies in particular, approached the adoption of laws more responsibly, thoughtfully dealt with every problem that would arise in the adoption of these laws.

The negative option is that we lost that flame, the fuse that we had in 2014-2015. I think that, first of all, each of you has to fight it.

But being perfectly aware of the situation that has developed in the state itself, and, in particular, in the People's Council, I think that we still have passion for this. And this is most pronounced in your professionalism.

I do not want to say that the year 2017 ended badly. A number of laws were adopted that are vitally important for our state.

Thanks to your work and the work of the government, we are already withdrawing from the survival budget, and 2018 will be met with the development budget. In the future, I hope that in 2018 we will move from the quarterly budget planning to either semi-annual, or annual budget planning in order to more effectively manage our resources and the means that we have.

As for the next year, 2018 is a turning one.

We broke the enemy. Therefore, it is time for both the government and the People's Council to think about a more global problem – the development of the economy and social security of our citizens.

The war ends sooner or later. Our war will end with our victory – I am deeply convinced of this. I think that you are sure of that, too. And it is necessary to make the 2018 the year of development of the country, development of the economy. Because the state should provide people with all compulsory social payments, develop the economy, and this is your main task. I am sure that the deputy corps will cope with this task. The experience that you have accumulated during this time will allow you to solve problems quickly, efficiently and qualitatively.

Dear deputies! On behalf of myself and the whole government, I want to congratulate you on the coming New Year and Christmas. We wish you to celebrate the New Year in a family circle, at home cheerfully, near the hearth. And I also wish you happiness, health, success, peace and Victory to all of us!” the Head of State said.

After the appeal, in a festive environment, deputies Alexey Zhigulin, Klavdiya Kulbatskaya, Alexander Kurenkov, Miroslav Rudenko, Anastasia Selivanova and Vladimir Chekun were awarded with Diplomas of Honour of the DPR Head for fruitful deputy activity in ensuring citizens' rights and freedoms, and a significant contribution to the creation and improvement of the legislation of the DPR.

In turn, on the initiative of the deputy corps, Alexander Zakharchenko was awarded the Honorary Badge of the DPR People's Council. The award was presented by the Speaker of the Parliament Denis Pushilin.

"I think that this award is the credit of trust that you give me, as the Head of the Republic. This is our common reward and assessment of the government work," Alexander Zakharchenko said, accepting the award.

Source: Official web-site of the DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko 

Official translation by DONi News Agency


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