80% Ukrainians tired of Poroshenko: Rebellion's about to start on Maidan

A regular press conference took place in the capital of Ukraine, at which the growth of protest moods in the country was discussed. As the correspondent of the Russian Federal News Agency (FAN) reports from the scene, Ukrainian citizens are extremely critical of the authorities.

Experts Andrei Ermolaev, director of the Institute for Strategic Studies "New Ukraine", and Alexander Levtsun, head of the sociological programmes of the Center for Social Research "Sofia", provided the results of surveys and studies proving that the situation in Ukrainian society was explosive.

The FAN gives the main theses from the speeches of sociologists:

- in October in Ukraine there was an aggravation of protest moods caused by seasonal factors and the adoption by the authorities of a number of unpopular decisions;
- 79% of Ukrainians do not approve the work of Pyotr Poroshenko as president, compared to 74.6% in September;
- 13.2% of Ukrainians approve Poroshenko, compared to 20.5% in September;
- 77% do not approve Groisman's work, compared to 74% in September;
- 14.8% approve Groisman's work, compared to 20.8% in September;

The main reasons for the discontent among the population are as follows:

- a significant inflationary growth in food prices, which in September this year turned out to be 20% higher than it had been in September last year;
- inflation spurred the devaluation of the UAH and increased pensions, as a result, pensioners did not manage to enjoy the increase, as inflation absorbed it;
- increase in the growth of tariffs for utility services announced by the government;
- the adoption of presidential laws on Donbass caused discontent among national patriots;
- a catastrophe at the weapons depots in Kalinovka caused a crushing blow to the government's reputation, only 17.5% of Ukrainians believed that it was a terrorist attack organized by the Kremlin;
- 55% of Ukrainians favour early parliamentary elections;
- 12.3% are ready to vote for the Batkivshchyna party ("Fatherland"), 9.1% – for the Oppoblock, 9.1% – for the BPP (Block of Pyotr Poroshenko), 5.8% for the Samopomich ("Self-help"), 5.1% – for Lyashko, 4.9% – for Zhyttya (Life).

Andrei Yermolayev, director of the Institute for Strategic Studies "New Ukraine", told the FAN that activists were looking for an armed uprising on the new Maidan (in the tent camp outside the Verkhovna Rada), which could result in the final destruction of the country.

"Firstly, there are many people with weapons. Secondly, some of the participants are too diverse and it should be still taken into account that a very serious degradation of the civilian asset has happened. The participants of the Maidan 2013-2014 were not just a spontaneous stream, there were a lot of experienced public activists representing large public organizations, students, experts, entrepreneurs, but now the movement is marginalized and, in addition to the leaders whom we can see there in the stands, the bulk of people are being guided. This means that there is a risk that spontaneous actions such as the seizure of a building or a collision can be triggered. I believe that the statement of the president and his surrounding is quite justified, the organizers of this pseudomaidan are looking for an excuse to start a fight, pushing for a conflict, forcing it, everything happens very quickly. From completely dietary statements about the need for an anticorruption court they have come to aggressive statements about the urgent implementation of the 70 Days programme and direct criticism of the president and his entourage. They are looking for an excuse for a conflict. I would very much like the law enforcement bodies to have the intelligence not to give in to a provocation," the director of the Institute for Strategic Studies "New Ukraine" warned.

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