Summing up session of Integration Committee "Russia-Donbass" [TV Report]

On March 17 in the Levadiysky Palace the session of the Integration Committee “Russia-Donbass” took place. The participants were talking frankly, in public, and managed to discuss several questions of the paramount importance. At the press scrum, devoted to the session’s summing up the key moments were explained to the public. 

"Today we were discussing cultural and educational spheres. Over 500 events devoted to the culture and sport were planned. Presently, the DPR economics is in the beginning of its way to growing. Thus, to find a marketing outlet for our products and get rough materials from the Russian Federation are our primary objectives. The process is ongoing and we will get the results of our work in the nearest future and, certainly we will inform the public about it," Said Alexander Zakharchenko, the DPR Head.

"Presently the goods produced in the DPR and LPR is imported to the Russian Federation, the agreements, achieved on the matter are working and DPR and LPR are fulfilling the contracts made. It should be underlined that it is just a start of the process and we hope it will develop promptly in future and quite soon will embrace more and more spheres of the Republics’ economics  and the economics of the Russian Federation as well," said Igor Plotnitsky, the LPR Head.

"I would like to underline that the Integration Committee “Russia-Donbass” is a social union and its work consist of the work of every single organisation, that support the integration movement “Russia-Donbass”. So today, talking about the Integration Committee’s work, we can say that is in process already. I provided the concrete examples and visiting the internet site “Russia-Donbass” you can see what a great work is undertaken in frames of the Russia-Donbass integration. The concrete projects that will take place in frames of the Integration Committee are to be presented to the Media soon," said Andrey Kozenko, the Deputy of the Russian Federation’s State Duma

"The Integration Committee “Russia-Donbass” was created as a constantly operating structure. Today, during the first session, the questions of cultural, social and humanitarian integration of Donbass and the Russian Federation were discussed. We will certainly be aware of the further events’ development," said Alena Morozova, the special correspondent.

DONi News Agency

Video: UNION TV, 03/18/2017