Report: Kiev's economical genocide of Donbass population [VIDEO]

The Kiev regime has been conducting the Donbass civilian population’s genocide for three years already by shelling the Republics’ houses and infrastructure. But, apart from the hostilities, the Ukrainian regime puts powerful economical pressure on DPR and LPR citizens.

This form of genocide has the state level in Ukraine, and the regime by all means tries to take away the citizens' earned money.

"It is not a secret how our senior citizens have to fight to get their totally deserved pension. People who had been working for Ukraine forty-fifty years have to struggle now to get their money. Firstly, there was the Ukrainian SSR, then Ukraine became independent, but, nevertheless, despite all the political changes, people were working all that time, and now they cannot even get their benefit," Klavdya Kulbatskaya, the DPR People's council deputy.

The Ukrainian regime started to rob the Donbass civilian population in 2014, firstly by stopping the Ukrainian banks' operation in the Republics' territory. It caused the disappearance of people's money, for not all the Donbass citizens could have gone to Ukraine to take their money from the bank.

Anyway, the Republic not just has coped with all the difficulties, but achieved the new level of the economical sphere, and the authorities do everything possible to support their compatriots and the citizens of temporary Kiev-controlled territories.

DONi News Agency

Video: Republic Channel One, 04/20/2017