Lugansk Defense Video Report, 03/15/2017

Frontline situation in the Lugansk People's Republic over 24 hours on March 15. For the last 24 hours the contact line situation had aggravated. Altogether, 439 mortar-shells and projectiles were launched on the territory of the Republic. The Ukrainian forces violated the ceasefire 22 occasions.

While shelling the enemy applied artillery of 122 mm calibre, mortars of 120mm and 82 mm calibre, IFVs, recoilless guns, grenade machine guns, rocket anti-tank launchers and small arms.

The following localities underwent shelling: Frunze, Sokolniky, Zheltoye, Kalinovka, Almaznoye, Kalinovo, Lozovoye, Nizhneye Lozovoye, Zhelobok, and Knyaz Igor monument’s area. 

From the Luganskoye locality’s direction, Ukrainian forces fired at the People’s Militia positions in Lozovoye and Kalinovka localities. The AFU shelled Lozovoye locality from Svetlodarskoye locality’s direction

The localities of Nizhnyee Lozovoye and Logvinovo underwent fire from Mironivsky locality’s direction.

The People’s Militia positions in Almaznoye locality were shelled by the Ukrainian side from the Troitskoye locality’s direction. 

The Kalinovo locality’s area underwent shelling from Mironovsky locality’s direction. There was recorded the use of mortars of 120 mm and 82 mm calibre, artillery guns of 122mm calibre, recoilless guns and grenade machine guns by the Ukrainian side.  

Ukrainian forces shelled Frunze and Zhelobok localities from the Krymskoye locality direction. The People’s Militia positions in Zheltoye locality underwent the Ukrainian shelling from Lobachevo locality’s direction. Sokolniky locality was shelled from Kryakovka locality’s direction. 

The People’s Militia positions in Knyaz Igor monument’s area were shelled by the AFU from Valuiskoye locality’s direction. Over 100 explosion of 120 mm and 82 mm calibre mortar shells and 49 shots, conducted with grenade machine guns were recorded. 

No loses among the People’s Militia soldiers and civilians were reported. 

DONi News Agency

Video: LPR Ministry of Defense, 03/15/2017