DPR Head Zakharchenko orders to rebuild Kozhevnya village - TV Report


Kozhevnya village, located near the Russian border, is to be restored at the order of Alexander Zakharchenko. He discussed the issue with the DonNACEA representatives in Makeyevka. In their turn, the latter presented their project to the Head of State. 

It will cost nearly 4 million rubbles to built a house in Kozhevnya locality, that is in the Shakhtyorsky district of the Republic. According to the Academy’s rector, 20 houses are planned to be erected. Besides, all the utilities and a road will be laid there in the prospective.

In total, full restoration of the village will cost nearly 120 million rubbles. Students’ construction brigades will be integral to the process of building houses. 

DONi News Agency / UNION TV

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