Donbass Arena: Damaged, but untouched, soon opened again in Donetsk City

Famous Donbass Arena in the Donetsk capital was left empty and untouched after the war in Donbass started in 2014. Now the new management under the Donetsk People's Republic receivership of Ukrainian companies has started process to relaunch the football arena for public use. First press tour in the arena was also arranged.


Prises office furniture, photographs and documents — all was left here since 2014, when the stadium ceased its operation. Now, when the DPR receivership was established at the object, the inventory of the property is undertaken. The Sports Ministry claims that stadium has a great potential.

Donbass arena is quite multifunctional object, for before the war it served for some political performances and for sports events holding. The Republic's sport sphere is really fast developing, so here we can hold different kinds of events, from ultimate fights to football matches," said Michail Mishin the DPR Minister of Sport, Youth and Tourism

The football field is the heart of the stadium. Its condition is supported by several stuff representatives now, but they manage to water the grass, cut or fertilize it if needed. The stadium is roofed, thus the sunlight is reaching the northen part of the field, you should record it, that part is in ideal condition.

Of course it will take a long time before the stadium is ready to hold the matches. Only the destructions expertise is to take at least two month. The building's construction at the western side was badly damaged by the «tochka U» burst blast.

Now the glass units suppliers are needed. Before the war, glass was imported from Turkey. Materials purchase and repair works need a considerable budget.

The Republic's government and the holding company's management are sure that the stadium is to be repaired in the nearest future, and fans will be able to visit matches of Donbass favorite teams.

DONi News Agency

Video: OPLOT TV, 04/19/2017