Arrival of 62nd Russian Federation’s humanitarian convoy [TV Report]

The 62nd in total and the third this year humanitarian convoy of the Russian Federation’s Emergency Situation Ministry arrived at the DPR capital.  The convoy of 20 automobiles delivered to the DPR over 360 tons of baby food.

The cargo, delivered by the Russian rescuers will be divided at the nearest Governmental Commission’s session to be distributed to the families with children under 3 years old. Every food package includes vegetable, fruit and meat purees, evaporated milk porridge and juices.

"To get the baby food package one should address the districts’ administrations. The cargo unloading and storing is organized in two warehouses for the Emergency Situation Ministry’s humanitarian aid storing with the help of 140 Ministry’s employees," said Vladislav Tomashevsky, the Head of the Department on the work with humanitarian cargos, control and restoration of the DPR Emergency Situation Ministry’s objects.

"The humanitarian aid’s delivery was provided in full correspondence to the demands and norms of the international law. No extraordinary situations took place on the way here. When the unloading is fulfilled, the convoy will go back to the Donskoy rescuing centre trough the Matveyev Kurgan and Donetsk checkpoints, undergoing all the customs’ procedures required," said Sergey Golovach, the chief of the humanitarian aid’s delivery convoy. 

It was also underlined that this month one more Russian Emergency Ministry’s convoy will arrive at the DPR. According to the preliminary data, the event will take place next week. The preceding, 61st humanitarian convoy was delivered to the DPR on February 28. That time, Russian rescuers delivered 198 tons of the baby food.

DONi News Agency

Video: Republic Channel 1, 03/18/2017