Zakharova: security forces introduce regime of total censorship in Ukraine

The law of Ukraine, regulating the performance of Russian artists in this country only with the consent of the SBU, indicates the introduction of a regime of total censorship. This was stated on by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

"The next round of anti-Russian hysteria is gaining momentum in Ukraine, and it seems that anyone involved in Ukrainian power structures considers it their duty to be noted in this direction," said Zakharova. "The tone is set by President Pyotr Poroshenko himself. He recently signed a law on touring activity Ukraine, according to which Russian cultural figures will be able to demonstrate their art in this country only with the favour of "connoisseurs of beautiful" from the SBU."

"Meanwhile, in Ukraine, a regime of total censorship is being introduced by the current Ukrainian siloviki, the very 'blue uniforms' to which Poroshenko said goodbye so pathetically, rushing to the visa-free Europe," the diplomat noted.

President of Ukraine Pyotro Poroshenko signed a law on November 7, according to which Russian artists can perform on the territory of the country only with the permission of the Ukrainian Security Service. Now the tour organizers must request permission from the special services 30 days before the event. In case of failure to notify the SBU or provide incomplete information, the organizers face a fine of 50 to 100 minimum wages ($ 6.2 - 14.4 thousand). According to the law, special services must, within 10 days, consider the request and decide whether the artist can perform in Ukraine.

DONi News Agency