Zakharchenko: "We are the winners, and this is our destiny"

The official Delegation of the Donetsk People’s Republic headed by Alexander Zakharchenko visited the solemn events on the occasion of the 3rd anniversary of the Crimea’s return to the Russian Federation in the city of Simferopol on March 16. 

Celebration began with laying flowers in front of the monument devoted to People’s militia of all time. The Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic together with the leadership of the Republic of the Crimea and politicians of the Russian Federation paid tribute to the memory of the volunteers.

Then, the column with the guests of honor went towards the site where the historical events had taken place three years ago, where the meetings in support of the future together with Russia had taken place – towards the building of the National Council. Crimeans recollected their most significant spring with such slogans - ‘The Crimean made its choice’ and ‘The Crimea is Russia forever’. 

At the head of the column the representatives of 175 nationalities living on the peninsula carried huge flags of Russia and the Republic of the Crimea. Thousands of people, most of those had purposefully arrived in the capital of the Crimea, went out to celebrate the unity with the Russian Federation to celebrate the anniversary.  

The solemn meeting took place on the square near the State Council Building. The Head of the Republic Sergei Aksyonov, State Council Chairman Vladimir Konstantinov, guests of honor from the Russian government, the Heads of Donbass Republics congratulated the residents of the Crimea on the choice which had certainly fulfilled itself.    

“These three years might have been the happiest ones, the best ones in our lives because we returned to the historical motherland. Returned, thanks to the Crimeans’ courage, thanks to Russia’s support.  What we won and what we passed – it is valuables which will live, remain the pattern for our children, and grandchildren,” pointed out the Head of the Republic of Crimea Sergei Aksyonov. 

The speakers also highlighted that the Crimea’s returning home would have been impossible if Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, the President of the Russian Federation, hadn’t personally taken part in and controlled all the processes. 

“Dear friends, I would like on my own behalf and on behalf of all the Donetsk People’s Republic to congratulate you on returning home, to your motherland! Three years ago we holding our breaths kept an eye on all the events in the Crimea. We worried and were glad together with you. And we felt the feeling of victory when you reunited with Russia. Yes, the war takes place on our land. Yes, we are still shelled, people die every day but three years ago you went forward and we followed you. In spite of everything, we regret nothing. The 16th of March is the joint holiday of the Crimea and Donbass! This is the holiday of our motherland – Russia! Glory to the Crimea! Glory to Russia!” Alexander Zakharcheko congratulated all the Crimeans.  

Later, answering the questions of the mass media, the Head of the DPR underlined that he was sure that the Donbass residents would be able to celebrate the same Victory, like the Crimeans do, soon. 

“Despite the all wishes of the West, they weren’t able to break Russian people’s genes, spirit and memory that had been bequeathed to us by our ancestors. None of the powers in the real world won’t defeat Russians i.e., Russia has the Crimea, has Donbass and thousands of other cities and their residents. We are the winners, and this is our destiny,” said the Head. 

The full support of Donbass was felt both on the part of the Crimea’s leadership and civilians at the celebration. 
The Crimeans supported each performance of Donbass Heads by long applauses.  The Republic was wished peace and repetition of the peninsula’s destiny. “We are with you, hold on!” said people. 

Then, the participants of the meeting were the first viewers of the exhibition – “the Chronicle of the Crimea’s spring” that was opened inside the building of the State Council. Pictures and photos – are evidence of events from the Maidan and the coup in Ukraine to the Crimea’s referendum and the military aggression of the Ukrainian troops in Donbass. The guests of the exhibitions wished the Donetsk People’s Republic so that the exhibition will be replenished by a new batch – photos of celebrating the Victory Day by the Donbass people. 

It should be noted that during the referendum, on March 16, 2014 the absolute majority of the Crimeans and residents of Sevastopol – over 95% - at a record attendance which amounted to over 80%, voted for reuniting with Russia. When two days passed, straight away, in the Kremlin the historical agreement on admitting two new subjects to the structure of the Russian Federation was immediately signed. 

On that day at voting stations there were long lines even before their opening. Representatives from 23 countries observed the voting. A lot of people recollected the events that had taken place three years ago and which had determined the faith of the peninsula. 

Source: Official web-site of the DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko

Official translation by DONi News Agency