Zakharchenko becoming alternative to Kiev regime throughout South-East

The ongoing conferences of the DPR leader Alexander Zakharchenko with Kiev-controlled cities is the evidence that the head of the Donetsk Republic is becoming an alternative to the regime of Poroshenko.

It was stated in an interview with The PolitNavigator by the Russian radio host and political analyst Armen Gasparyan.

‘It is undoubtedly a very important decision of Alexander Zakharchenko. He comes out to the Ukrainian national political level and wants to become the subject of the entire Ukrainian politics, which, again, is extremely important in terms of the implementation of the Minsk Agreements.

The practice of the last year shows that Zakharchenko is, indeed, a very strong, important and iconic figure for the Donetsk Republic, and that the direct lines with him collect more and more people, which is admitted even by the Ukrainian media and politicians. They, of course, do it through their teeth, but what is important is that they do it.

Of course, the Ukrainian law enforcers will try to somehow block the watching or participating in the open line with Zakharchenko. However, it will still bring them nothing. There is the Internet, technology has leaped far forward, there are a lot of anonymizers which allow you to bypass any blockage. 

I am more than convinced that the target audience for Zakharchenko is people who are currently under the control of Kiev and who, of course, will not fail to say firsthand what is actually happening, about all those, to put it mildly, negative factors that have been observed in these areas. It is not a secret that it is not all right there,’ said Gasparyan.

DONi News Agency