Zakharchenko: “We’re one step away from the victory” - Press-Conference (Video)

On Wednesday, February 1, the Head of the Donetsk People's Republic, Alexander Zakharchenko, told in press-conference to media representatives about the situation on the front line, commented on military and humanitarian situation in the Republic, and shared his vision of the immediate prospects of situation's development.

"In the beginning – about the situation that has now developed in the Donetsk People's Republic. A few days ago Ukrainian armed forces launched an attack on the settlements  of Yasinovataya, Gorlovka, Debaltsevo, Granitnoye, Novoazovsk. Battles took place and continue across the front line. As of the 12-00 February 1, all our units are in their positions. Heavy fightings are taking place in Avdeyevka area. The enemy is trying to take in our rear, to organize a pocket and reach the road Yasinovataya – Makeyevka. The enemy suffers great losses. We know of over 200 killed and wounded over the past two days. But we are holding position, the situation is under control.

I want to draw your attention that it is the Kiev authorities unleashed a bloody massacre that has already claimed the lives of many people. President Poroshenko does not care who to kill – his own soldiers, others. He does not care what losses the AFU will suffer, how many civilians will die, which destruction the war will bring. As everyone knows, as of today Ukraine is chairing the UN Security Council for a month, and the escalation of the conflict is directly related to this – Kiev needs a political motive, which they will try to play to their advantage.

I would also note that we know the names of the commanders who gave the orders to fire at peaceful districts of Makeyevka, Donetsk, Yasinovataya that led to civilian casualties. These are the 53rd brigade commander Gruzevich, 72nd brigade commander Sokolov, 92nd brigade commander Nikolyuk, 30th brigade commander Garaz, 36th brigade commander Delyatitsky, 25th brigade commander Zenchenko and 55th artillery brigade commander Brusov. These commanders gave orders to fire at peaceful city. Sooner or later, all these people will be overtaken by the deserved punishment.

But I want to say that the current aggravation is the agony of the Kiev regime. As we mentioned at the end of the World War II: "This is the last bite of the dying fascist vermin". Yes, this is a painful bite, it takes many lives. But Poroshenko does not care about the lives, and the world community should pay attention to it. The Western press has already written that it was Ukraine that unleashed the war. Tomorrow the Western leaders will talk about it.

Today we are one step away from the victory. The victory costs us a lot, we continue to fight, bear casualties. Not all of our land is liberated. But Ukraine is already in agony. This is the agony of Poroshenko's regime, the agony of Bandera power's regime. We have already turned the tide of war – both politically and militarily. Now our task is to think about what our future will be. Today we must think about what Ukraine after Poroshenko will be. How can we co-exist with this Ukraine, which contracts on our co-existence to sign, which relationships to build.

As for the immediate future, it should be noted that the situation is rather unpredictable. I am sure that the escalation will continue, and the only thing that can make a difference – it is understanding on the part of Ukrainian citizens of the fact that they do not need a war. But we should not count on it. The war is still out there. On our part all measures will be taken to bring the situation back to the Minsk process. Minsk-2 is not dead yet. And our task is to drive Ukraine in the framework of the Minsk agreements."

Source: Official web-site of the DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko 

Official translation by DONi News Agency

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