Zakharchenko’s conferences preparing for what will occur in Eastern Ukraine in near future

The ongoing conferences of the DPR leader Alexander Zakharchenko - not only with Donbas but with the key cities of East Ukraine - is a preparation for what is to occur in these areas in the near future.

It was stated to The PolitNavigator by the chief editor of the "National Defense" Igor Korotchenko.

‘Zakharchenko is not just the head of the DPR, but a politician who thinks of Novorossia and Ukraine's future. The desire for dialogue, the desire to expand the opportunities for direct communication with different segments of the population - both living on the territory of the DPR and beyond - is an attempt to find a way out of the impasse into which Ukraine has come today.

Ukraine has no constructive ideas or proposals, but only new blood, violence and attacks. In these circumstances, of course, Zakharchenko has an active position, he comes in contact with various circles and sections of the population, thereby demonstrating his capacity as a political leader who is ready to take responsibility not only for what is happening in the DPR, but also for what will happen in the east of Ukraine in the near future.

I think that the fact of Zakharchenko acting this way speaks volumes about his enormous political potential in terms of participation in the broader process that will take place in the nearest future,’ said Korochenko.

DONi News Agency