What's Poroshenko up to? Columns of Ukrainian armored vehicles approach DPR southern border [Video]

The Ukrainian party keeps redeploying military equipment to the southern borders of the DPR, ignoring the declared 'academic' truce. This is recorded by local citizens, despite attempts taken by the military to prohibit filming.

One of the videos was published by a resident of Mariupol. She has recorded the movement of military equipment in the direction of Dokuchayevsk and Shirokino, which are located in the south of the Donetsk People's Republic.

"The AFU started a strange hustling near Mariupol. Columns of tanks, trucks and gasoline trucks are traveling across Mariupol in the direction of Shirokino and Dokuchayevsk. There were also medical machines with red crosses. The Ukrops dispel onlookers and do not let make videos. But I managed to stealthily film one of these columns by a mobile phone," the author of the video writes.

DONi News Agency