West to help Kiev kill Donbass inhabitants

The West wants to help Ukraine produce its own ammunition, which will be used against Donbass, the military expert Semyon Bagdasarov said on air of the Vesti FM radio.

"The most alarming moment is that now they not only say, but also plan joint production of ammunition in the territory of Ukraine. Canadians join this plan, Americans. This is a dangerous trend. The West wants to create a network of ammunition production, by means of which they will be killing our fellow citizens in Donbass," Bagdasarov said.

He explained that since the times of the Soviet Union, Ukraine has been producing artillery systems, and shells were being manufactured in Russia. Now Ukraine is fighting in Donbass with ammunition left after the withdrawal of Soviet troops from the Western group.

"They have become worthless, therefore they explode, they do not shoot at positions, the trunks are undermined," Bagdasarov said.

DONi News Agency