Water company specialists bring into operation Telmanovo pumping station

The Telmanovo pumping station was brought into operation after massive shelling, conducted on the Ukrainian part last night, reports the “Donbass Water” company’s representative.

“Just now we managed to bring into operation the pumping station. Electricians had hardly coped with the power lines repair so people could get water in their houses,” said the company representative.

He added that the object operates in emergency regime and the repair works are ongoing.

“The pumping station’s administrative buildings were damaged badly, some walls are about to fall down. All the repair works are still ahead,” underlined the “Donbass Water” representative.

It should be underlined that last night the Ukrainian army purposely shelled Telmanovo infrastructure. It was underlined that nearly 40 projectiles, including artillery shells of 152 mm caliber were launched from the Ukrainian positions.  

DONi News Agency