"This wasn't part of the deal!": Western journalists flee Donbass after AFU shelling

A well-known French journalist was refused publication of materials after returning from a business trip to Donbass, a DPR MP Vladislav Berdichevsky stated on air of Donetsk TV, at that having not specified the name of the Western reporter.

"It’s bad enough he was forbidden to publish either of the materials he has shot and photographed here, he very tearfully asked us to delete the program filmed with his participation. We interviewed him on TV, and he asked to delete the scenes with his participation," the deputy said.

"In Europe, there is no freedom at all. If you remember, until 2014 we were visited by BBC, CNN and other odious telling the world about the Russian army and ‘separatists killing the peaceful population of Donbass’."

I remember the moment when they left this place and came under Ukrainian fire at the airport. They told it was from Donetsk that the airport was bombarded, but then shell-hits started arriving from Avdeyevka, and they recorded it on camera.

By the way, it was the last day of their stay here. When there is nothing to lie about, they leave," Vladislav Berdichevsky concluded.

DONi News Agency