Volunteer who helped Ukrainian military killed in UK

Lithuanian volunteer Mikus Alps, who fought in the Ukrainian Volunteer Army, and then helped it, was killed on the British island of Guernsey. This was reported by Alps' colleagues on the page in Facebook.

The statement says that the 33-year-old Alps for two years was in the 8th separate battalion of the UVA, and recently he was engaged in the delivery of cars and ammunition for Ukrainian volunteer formations.

It is claimed that Alps was burned in his own car.

"In the center of Europe – on the islands of Britain, Guernsey, a fighter of the 8th separate battalion of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army, Mick (Mick Alps), who was a volunteer in the battalion for the past two years, was killed, tied up and burned in the car that Mick drove for the military needs of the battalion," the text says.

In a statement of the UVA it is reported that Alps was carrying body armor and thermal underwear to Ukraine.

DONi News Agency