Veteran from Kiev-controlled territory receives monetary assistance from DPR

Compatriots living on the territory of the Donetsk region part which is temporarily controlled by Ukraine keep arriving in the Republic for receiving social assistance. As the press service of the DPR Ministry of Labor and Social Policy reports, this assistance is provided within the framework of the Humanitarian Program on reunification of Donbass people and is presented in the form of making one-time payments devoted to significant dates - Victory Day and Miner's Day to certain categories of citizens. 

Only to the Victory Day since the launch of the program, 98 people have received help. Among them, veterans of the Great Patriotic War who took direct part in hostilities between 06/22/1941 and 05/09/1945, and veterans of the Second World War who took direct part in hostilities against imperialist Japan until September 3, 1945, and victims of Nazi persecution.

The 98th payment was made on October 17, 2017, at the Center for Social Assistance and Administrative Services, located at the Gorlovka checkpoint.  A relative of the veteran of the Second World War who took direct part in the military operations against imperialist Japan came with the power of attorney for receiving assistance.

Authorized representatives of the Labor and Social Protection Administration accepted, checked and formalized the documents, after that the employees of the Donbass Post State Enterprise paid out the prescribed one-time assistance in the amount of  3,000 UAH.

DONi News Agency