Venetians hold rally in support of Donbass people

Residents of Italy at the station square in Venice held a rally in support of Donbass people. This was reported in the LPR Trade Union Federation (TUF).

The event was organized by the Association "New Harmony" with the support of trade union activists from the Central Trade Union of Italy (USB).

"On February 13, the Association "New Harmony" with the support of colleagues from the Central Trade Union of Italy (USB) on the square in front of railway station in Venice organized a demonstration to once again show the local people and all Europeans that the criminal Poroshenko regime for the past three years has been at war with its people on the money of European citizens," a statement says.

"There were about 20 people. There were representatives of the USB trade union and Venetian city administration, local youth. During the rally, there were handed out leaflets where it is written that the Poroshenko regime is waging war against its own people on the European taxpayers' money. The organizers regret that for reasons independent of them they failed to carry out this action on Sunday, when it would have been more numerous. On Monday, many were in the workplace and could not come, " the Trade Union Federation noted.

The demonstrators held signs: "Your money to Kiev - bombs for Donbass", "Kiev, enough killing!", "Poroshenko, enough killing!", "We - Donetsk, Lugansk, Donbass!".

"The situation in Donbass is still a taboo subject in the media of Western countries. It is not an exception in Italy too, where local media are actively avoid this topic. But there are a lot of people in Italy who are not only interested in what's going on here, but actively trying to bring the truth about the events taking place in Donbass to the general public in Italy," the chairman of the LPR Trade Union Federation Oleg Akimov said.

Chairman of trade union "Innovation," a member of the Board of the LPR Trade Union Federation Andrey Kochetov has specified that the Association "New Harmony," the main purpose of which was at first only humanitarian aid to residents of Donbass, was created by "our fellow countrywoman Larisa Nikolaenko and her peers back in 2014". Later, they also began to carry out all sorts of actions of solidarity with the Republics of Donbass.

DONi News Agency