USA, OSCE and Normandy Four are to end Donbas conflict

The new US administration, OSCE and the Normandy Four are going to terminate the Donbas conflict, reported today the LPR Head Igor Plotnitsky. 

“I believe that soon not Minsk will be irrelevant, but the president Poroshenko will become irrelevant,” said Plotnitsky.

“I think, the United States, and Normandy Four will take the issue off the table,” added the LPR Head. 

“I’m sure that this number was imposed by different analytics, news channels, after January 20 (Donald Trump’s inauguration) we shall see how the events develop,” explained Plotnitsky. 

“In this case Poroshenko acts like that shepherd from the old parable, who was yelling about the wolves coming when there were none. Almost the same situation we observe today. While the OSCE or other organisations are searching for wolves, the shepherd is cuting his herd and sends it for the slaughter,” underlined the LPR leader.

DONi News Agency