US will provide Ukraine with defensive weapons

Kiev won’t get Washington’s 'lethal weapons', but defensive weapons are to be provided, reports the Ukrainian President, Petr Poroshenko, commenting upon his meeting with the US President, Donald Trump.

“No country in the world delivered lethal weapons to Ukraine. But we received strong promises from our US partners, we are not talking about anti tank missile systems Javelin, we are talking about electronic warfare devices which will help to improve our armed forces’ efficiency ,” said Poroshenko, answering the question on Trump’s approval of lethal weapons delivery.

Poroshenko called his negotiations with Trump “very productive” and underlined that Ukraine produces “very effective anti tank missile systems” on its own.

On Tuesday, Poroshenko said that the US Senate approved the allocation of five hundred million dollars to Kyiv for security and defense support. He stated that the bill presupposes the supply of "lethal weapons of a defensive nature" to Kiev. No official confirmation from Washington followed.

DONi News Agency