US travel ban prepared for Ukrainian politicians after Lyashko precedent

The annulment of the ten-year visa to the USA of the controversial Ukrainian politician Oleg Lyashko might be related to his corrupt activities.

This opinion was expressed by the senior analyst of the Centre for Policy Studies Anatoly Oktisyuk, quoted by Apostrof edition.

“There are such rumors in the diplomatic environment that Lyashko’s American visa was canceled due to the fact that in Washington he is considered to be one of the most corrupted political officials in Ukraine, and because his position changes like a weather vane in making various important decisions, such as budget adoption and other issues. And it is very irritating for western partners,” said the expert.

He also predicts that Lyashko will not be the last Ukrainian politician who is not allowed in the United States.

“This year western allies plan to take up the question of political corruption in Ukraine very seriously and it is quite possible that after Lyashko there will be other people. For example, from the president’s team, including Kononenko, Granovsky, Berezenko, Dovgy, that is, all the odious functionaries. I know that the EuroOPTIMISTs openly say to all ambassadors and diplomats that western partners need to apply individual sanctions towards people who are involved in political corruption. That’s why I do not exclude that subsequently some similar decisions may follow in relation to other politicians,” believes Oktisyuk.

The Ukrainian political analyst Taras Zagorodny shared his version, according to which, there may be political reasons for the cancellation of Lyashko’s American visa.

“It should be recollected what Lyashko said about Clinton and Trump, because many politicians had stated a lot. It may be a general signal to the whole politicum and Lyashko just turned out to be a proper subject. They showed to the whole Ukrainian politicum that punishment would follow for interfering in the US elections, and this is only the first punishment. More severe measures will apparently follow further, as Manafort, who had been so carelessly accused, remained in Trump’s team and is probably working on the Ukrainian issue,” reminded Zagorodny.

“So, this is an illustration of a paradigm shift, the relationship will become tougher, because many are tired with what is happening in our country, the expert added. That is, the fairy tale has ended and the true story begins, and everyone will have to pay their own way. I think that now many politicians who will try to get into the USA will be surprised to find out that they cannot do it.”

DONi News Agency