US threatens Ukraine with the third Maidan

The USA is seriously preparing for the overthrow of power in Ukraine and has already prepared about two hundred of their experts who will intercept the temporary rule of the country for the period of the third Maidan, Political scientist Dmitry Dzhangirov stated this on the air of the NewsOne TV Channel. 

According to him, an analyst of the US government's major analytical center "Atlantic Council" openly declares such a scenario.

"A very authoritative institution Atlantic Council is the main think tank of NATO, but not from a military point of view, and the ideological center, the leading official, Diane Francis, writes a blog on their official website that" if President Poroshenko does not implement this and that before 2019, then there will be a third Maidan. The United States of America are ready for it, there are 200 technocrats who will intercept the administration with which we are negotiating."

DONi News Agency