US State Department already knows who will be the next president of Ukraine

High-ranking representatives of the US State Department have laid down the condition for Ukraine - a man who is not stained with politics must become the next President. 

This was reported by the founder of the Internet publication Gordon Dmitry Gordon, according to his sources on the news channel NewsOne.

"Without surrendering sources, I will tell you: the United States has laid down the condition that the next president should not be associated with any former power, should not be stained with it, should not be a politician that everyone knows ... Today, there are two such people. They are seriously studying and seriously preparing. These are two very serious surnames. They are known in Ukraine and in the world, and they have never been in power. I repeat: some of the most famous Ukrainians in the world who have never been in power," said Gordon.

Dmitry Gordon refused to call the names of these people. However, social networks immediately revealed the "secret" of at least one of the "American" applicants. In the users' view, it is the soloist of group "Okean Elzy" Slava Vakarchuk.

The next presidential elections in Ukraine must be held in 2019.

DONi News Agency