US hybrid aggression in Ukraine to wage 'hot war' with Russia

Political and military observer, journalist Alexander Khrolenko, said that ongoing civil war in Donbass is really just a part of a form of hybrid US aggression against Russia, and Pentagon's plan to supply Ukraine with sophisticated weaponry has a dangerous goal to wage a hot war with Russia. Khrolenko gave his opinions and interview for Sputnik News.

Kurt Volker, the recently-appointed US special representative to Ukraine, said last week that the conflict in eastern Ukraine was a "hot war," and that Washington should deliver lethal weapons to Kiev to “stop Russia.” He added that it was the only way to restore the territorial integrity of the Ukrainian state. In the summer of 2015, Volker slammed the Minsk ceasefire agreements, describing them not as "a solution, but a problem, because they factually give legitimacy to the Russian invasion of Ukraine."

Late last week, RT reported that the State Department had approved ordering 630 pieces of sniper equipment for the Ukrainian army, including dozens of Leupold Mark 6 optical sight kits, tripods, laser range finders, camouflage kits and other items. Meanwhile, Donetsk People's Republic intelligence has indicated that foreign instructors have been spotted training Ukrainian army snipers right along the contact line between militia and Ukrainian army positions in recent weeks.

On Monday, reports in the US media emerged saying that the US Defense and State Departments came up with a plan to supply Ukraine with antitank missiles and other weaponry and were awaiting White House approval.

Meanwhile, Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov warned that Moscow was not ruling out any steps “to bring the US to its senses.” Russia has warned the countries trying to play a role in the settlement of the conflict in eastern Ukraine to avoid doing anything that might provoke a new spiralling of tensions.

"Such a step on the part of the United States can bring much more serious consequences in the political arena. The provision of lethal weapons by the US to the Ukrainian side will be perceived by Kiev as encouragement to aggression. And this is despite the fact that Kiev has been preparing for the resumption of full-scale military hostilities against us. And only its Western curators hold Kiev back," said the Head of the DPR, Alexander Zakharchenko.

Khorolenko: US plan is to draw Russia into armed conflict

"US policies "are aimed at escalating the confrontation in the Donbass, and trying to draw Russia into a protracted armed conflict. They want to deal with us through intermediaries – at the hands of 'inexpensive' Ukrainian and Eastern European vassals. And if the flame of the Ukrainian civil war is extinguished, they may use Georgia, or mobilize the Baltic states. In any case, a pretext will be found," Khorolenko said.

Still, neither the US nor its NATO allies are going to fight for Ukraine because Russia’s political position and military potential will remain unchanged no matter what, Khrolenko said. He added that in the event of an escalation of the conflict in Donbass, Russia might officially recognize the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, which will then be able to give adequate response to the US–armed Ukrainian forces.

"At the same time, Washington is not shy about spending money, concentrating troops on the Russian border, using the instruments of NATO and the non-bloc allies and neighbors of Russia, first and foremost Ukraine," the ultimate goal being to "weaken, destroy or transform Russia, and to push it to the margins of civilization", said Khorolenko.

In this situation, Khrolenko warned the near future do not promise to be a peaceful one for Moscow; "this is evidenced by both the words and deeds of our partners."

As far as Ukraine was concerned, Khrolenko warned that as the US and its allies continue rearming, reshaping and reorganizing the country's military along NATO standards, while the failure of the Minsk agreements to succeed with their primary responsibility (keeping the peace) becomes more and more of a possibility with each passing day, Moscow faces losing the initiative. 

"What are we waiting for? The loss of the political initiative is the beginning of a military defeat," the journalist concluded.

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According to: Sputnik (1 & 2)

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