US does not plan to supply TOW anti-tank complexes to Ukraine

The United States does not plan to supply TOW anti-tank complexes to Ukraine, the Pentagon reported.

"There are no plans to sell or transfer TOW to Ukraine," Pentagon spokesman Johnny Michael said.

Several days ago the General Staff of the AFU informed that they expected to receive from the US the TOW complexes, rather than the Javelin, which were discussed earlier. Thus, the Ukrainian command has denied reports that Javelin has already been used in the Azov regiment.

In December, the administration of US President Donald Trump approved a plan to provide Ukraine with lethal weapons, including anti-tank missiles. Russia has repeatedly warned against plans to supply weapons to Kiev, since this step will only lead to an escalation of the conflict in Donbass.

TOW is one of the most widespread antitank complexes in the world, it is in the inventory of dozens of countries.

DONi News Agency