US delegation secretly visits advanced positions of Ukrainian Armed Forces

A delegation of the US military, led by military attaché Thomas Wofford, spent several days at the forefront of the AFU. This is reported by one of the Ukrainian TV channels.

"It is unknown what the American colonels talked with the Ukrainian military about on the front line. The commander, who gave a risky tour on the front for the Americans, believes that the US military is determined to support Ukraine with weapons. However, the final decision will be taken by Trump," the report says.

As noted, the report of the US military can play a key role in the decision of the United States to provide Ukraine with lethal weapons.

"Also, the fact of the arrival of USA foreign instructors for the inspection of the AFU units and assisting in carrying out provocations on the contact line of troops was established on 18 November in Mariupol. Moreover, we have already received lists of foreign servicemen, despite the agreement of April 2017 between the SBU and the US embassy in Ukraine about the non-disclosure of personal data of representatives of Western special services and regular military personnel detached to the war zone," reports the DPR People's Militia vice-commander Eduard Basurin on Monday.

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DONi News Agency