US ceases to conceal active presence in Ukraine

The fact of the presence of the US armed forces as curators hasn't been concealed in Ukraine for a long time already, the Head of the DPR Armed Forces' press service, Daniil Bezsonov ("Gudwin").

"Last week a commission arrived in Ukraine, consisting of officers of the US Armed Forces. They arrived to inspect the AFU, are operating in the ATO zone, checking the fighting capacity of the Ukrainian army, and also trying to find out what the funds allocated by the West are being spent on. Additionally, they demanded that the command to withdraw uncontrolled volunteer battalions, such as the Right Sector, from the contact line," Gudwin said.

Daniil Bezsonov notes that the United States has long been not hiding its presence in Ukraine.

"We know perfectly well that they are building their bases there - one of them is in the Nikolayev region near the village of Ochakov, on the Black Sea coast. There they are building a base for naval ships of the US Navy. In addition, we know that they are building a base five kilometers away from the Yavorov proving ground (near the city of Lvov)," he emphasized.

Besides, on the Internet there have been repeatedly posted videos depicting foreign instructors, in particular, English-speaking ones, holding training sessions for the AFU.

"I would like to separately note the activity of the US drone – Global Hawk – UAV-scout, which regularly runs in the sky over Donbass along the contact line. This suggests that the Ukrainian government and the Ukrainian Armed Forces themselves are being supervised directly from across the ocean, and a large-scale military operation is being prepared.

I would like to note that nothing is likely to help the AFU in the case of decisions on global large-scale offensive operations against Donbass. I have repeatedly said that we keep everything under control," Gudwin concluded.

DONi News Agency