U.S. Air Forces’ drone begins prospective activity in Donbass skies (Map)

According to CivMilAir, the American Global Hawk drone is now flying over Donbas at the height of 16 km, writes in a social network the director of the Center for Eurasian Studies Vladimir Kornilov.

“Relying upon the data of CivMilAir, the U.S. Air Forces’ drone Global Hawk is now flying over Donbass at the height of 16 km. That means it’s OK for them, isn’t it? Guess for whom and why the information is being collected...” Kornilov asked rhetorically.

In the comments the political analyst has put the data on a more recent map of the American drone’s movement.

“Yes, here is the more recent map (in case if someone doubts where it moved),” said Kornilov.

DONi News Agency