United Donbas Fund helps seriously-ill man from Kiev controlled part of Donetsk region

The United Donbas Fund NGO keeps rendering assistance to those people who found themselves in a difficult life situation. This time, a resident of the Donetsk region part which is temporarily under Ukraine's control, has received financial assistance. For several years, Michael moved with the help of crutches. 

"I worked only in the mine. I'm professional. He worked as a miner of the slaughter pit and a combine machinist, "Mikhail said.

Due to health problems, I had to leave work. With each year the disease progressed. For 25 years, Mikhail is a disabled person of the first group, the main diagnosis is bilateral coxarthrosis. This disease destroys the hip joints.

In such cases, endoprosthetics are made, that is, doctors replace the destroyed joint with a prosthesis.

"I appealed for the operation in 2008, but it can not be done because of a number of diseases," he said.

Being in such a difficult life situation, Mikhail's family decided to apply to the United Donbass Fond. Within two weeks, the fund commission reviewed the application and decided to pay 50 thousand rubles. With this money he can buy a stroller and medicines.

All residents of Donbass can apply to the fund - both citizens of the Donetsk People's Republic, and residents of the Donetsk region part which is temporarily controlled by Ukraine, who are in a difficult life situation.

DONi News Agency